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4100 Lpm Grundfos Centrifugal Pump Clm
Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Type Clm150-242-11. Rated At 410Lpm At 11M/Hd. With 11Kw 1450 Rpm Drive.
Item Ref: N10128-34
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4000 LPM Weir M/S Centrifugal Pump 55 kW
Mild Steel Weir Centrifugal pumps rated 4000 Lpm at 55 m head at 5.6 bar with 160 mm dia inlet and 130 mm dia. overall size 1,900 mm x 950 mm x 900 mm tall

Item Ref: ND-12540-32
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2,500 LPM M/S Flowserve 125-100Cpxm
Mild Steel Mono Block Centrifugal Pump. 150M. Cu./Hr at 1 Bar. 125mm dia Inlet, 100mm dia Outlet. Mechanical Seal 7.5 kW 1,470 rpm. Overall size 530mm X 950mm x 600mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9933-32
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2000 LPM SPX Twinro M/S Screw Pump 55 Kw
Mild Steel Twinro Screw pumps with  with 160 mm dia inlet 200 mm dia outlet direct coupled to 55 kw 1470 rpm drives overall size about 1,900 mm x 950 mm x 900 mm tall.

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Item Ref: ND-12539-34
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1730 Lpm Holden Brooke 11 Kw
1730 Lpm At 17 M Head 125 mm Inlet 100 mm Outlet Running At 1440 Rpm With Packed Gland
Item Ref: N4962-32
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1,650 Lpm W. Simpson S/S Pump Type 65Cp250
1,650 Lpm 80 M/Hd with 100mm Inlet, 65mm Outlet. Packed Gland Seal. Mounted With 30 kW  2,900 Rpm Direct Coupled Motor. 316 Stainless Steel. 

Flow Rate1,650 Lpm
Head80 meters
Inlet Diameter100 mm
Outlet Diameter65 mm
Seal TypePacked Gland Seal
Motor Power30 kW
Motor Speed2,900 RPM
Motor CouplingDirect Coupled
Material316 Stainless Steel
Item Ref: S8733-33
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1500 Lpm Ksb Centrifugal Pump, M/S
1500 Lpm At 40 M Head Type Etanorm Sy80-200. Bare Shafted. 100 mm Dia. Inlet, 75 mm Dia. Outlet. [ Requires 22Kw 2880Rpm Motor Drive.]
Item Ref: N7431-32
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1500 Lpm Grundfos Centrifugal Lpd125
Cast Iron Two Stage Centrifugal Pump Type Lpd125-160-145. 1500 Lpm At 16 Bar With 125mm Dia Connections. Driven By 2X 11Kw 2640 Rpm.Motors
Item Ref: N10127-34
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1360 Lpm Labour S/S Type 15Msq 30 Kw Flp
1360 Lpm At 45.7 M Head Labour Stainless Steel Type 1504/845, Running At 2900 Rpm, 100 mm Inlet 63 mm Outlet
Item Ref: S7407-33
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1000Lpm Hastelloy Centrigugal Pump 11 Kw
Duriron Manufacture 75 mm Inlet, 50 mm Outlet 61 M. Head At 2990 Rpm Size 3 X 2 X 10/84
Item Ref: N7331-33
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1000 Lpm Grp Pump 15 Kw 2880 Rpm
Grp Pump With 90mm.Inlet 75mm.Outlet Direct Coupled To 15 Kw 2880 Rpm Motor
Item Ref: S9314-33
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980LPM APV Centrifugal Pumps W+ 80/80 380-215
Stainless Steel Pump with 76 mm dia inlet 51mm dia outlet and 380 mm dia rotor with about 5.5 kw drive serial number 18139060601250000. overall size 900 mm x 450 mm x 600 mm tall

Product NameAPV Centrifugal Pump W+ 80/80 380-215 Stainless Steel
Inlet Diameter76 mm
Outlet Diameter51 mm
Rotor Diameter380 mm
Drive Power5.5 kW
Serial Number18139060601250000
Overall Size900 mm x 450 mm x 600 mm (HxWxD)
Flow Rate980 LPM
MaterialStainless Steel
Pump TypeCentrifugal
Item Ref: ND-12626-33
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