Pumps Liquid Centrifugal Carbon Steel

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13.2 Lpm Grundfos Rotary Pump 0.1Kw
38mm Bore Inlet/Outlet Single Phase 13.2Lpm
Item Ref: S10077-32
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20 LPM Calpeda Hot oil Pump Type T61
Cast Iron Pump head Duty 20 LPM 7 M head 0.55 kW 24 mm connections.  Overall size 125mm x 250mm x 170mm tall
Item Ref: ND-11994-32
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32 Lpm W Simpson Type 5Wmv6 1.1 Kw
32 Lpm 49 M Head Vertical In Line Pump. 38 mm Connections. 2800 Rpm
Item Ref: N6974-32
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36 Lpm W Simpson 1Tpf3 0.75 Kw 1 Phase
25 mm Connections, Mechanical Seal, 0.75 Kw 2800 Rpm Drive Monobloc Con- Struction. 36 Lpm At 18.3 M Head
Item Ref: N6773-32
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45 Lpm W/Simpson Pump Type 50Wje200

Mild Steel Pump 45 Lpm At 30M Head. Mono Block Pump With 15Kw 2900 Rpm Motor. 50mm Dia Flange Connections In/Outlets. Overall Size 780mm X 450mm X 450mm Tall.

Item Ref: N9756-32
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45 Lpm Ryaland Sihi 0.37Kw Model Aov1210
Mild Steel 25 mm Connections 1440 Rpm
Item Ref: N5218-32
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45 Lpm Wade In Line Accelerator Pump
50 mm Connections 0.2 Kw 1440 Rpm Drive 3.9 M Head
Item Ref: N5937-32
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52 Lpm W/Simpson Pump Type 1Tm22
Mild Steel Pump 52 Lpm At 60M Head. Mono Block With 1.5Kw 2800 Rpm Drive. 38mm Bsp Connections.
Item Ref: N9342-32
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135 Lpm S/Simpson 1.5 Dm6 2.2Kw
Mild Steel Pump Packed Glands With 63mm Dia In/Outlets. 2.2Kw 2880 Rpm Drive. Overall Size 220mm X 650mm X 330mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9757-32
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136 Lpm Grundfos Upc40/60 Water Pump
38 mm Connections, 0.25 Kw 1 Phase Multispeed 136 Lpm At 3.6 M Head Designed For Hot Water Circulation
Item Ref: S7623-32
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150 Lpm Wilo Pump P50
150 Lpm At 30M Head. Cast Iron Model P50/250 With 50mm Dia Inlet/Outlet.
Item Ref: N9361-32
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155 Lpm Sunflo Type Series P-2000
155 Lpm 280 M/Hd Model P-2Lbf No 79148490 Glandless Pump With 50 & 63 mm Connections 18.5 Kw 2940 Rpm
Item Ref: N3892-32
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