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227 Lpm Kestner S/S Glandless Pump
227 Lpm 6.1 M/Hd Stainless Steel Vertical Glandless Centrifugal Pump With 50 mm Connections Type Jn1/2,4 Kw 2880 Rpm Drive
Item Ref: S6845-33
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227 Lpm Holden Brook S/S Pump
227 Lpm At 30.5 M. Head If Running At 2880 Rpm. Currently Unmotorised
Item Ref: S7550-33
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227 Lpm Balco Glass/Ld Pump Type Gl50
75 mm Inlet, 50 mm Outlet Direct Coupled To 2.2 Kw 1420 Rpm Motor. Mechanical Seal
Item Ref: N3989-33
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227 Lpm Eaton S/S Jktd Vane Pump 11 Kw
Sliding Vane Pump With 11 Kw 125 Rpm Geared Drive. 100 mm Connections.
Item Ref: S7815-34
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225 Lpm W.Simpson 1.5 Dm2 1.1Kw 2880 Rpm
50 mm Flanged Inlet 38 mm Flanged Outlet
Item Ref: S9550-32
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Air Operated S/S Diaphragm Pumps
Stainless Steel Double Diaphram Pump With Ptfe Elastomers 50mm Dia Bsp Connections/S
Item Ref: R277K-34
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200 Lpm Allweiler Screw Pump Set
200 Lpm At 6 Bar. Mild Steel Electricallyheated Screw Pump With 10 Kw1460 Rpm Motor. Type Psn440 R46/11 Deg. Pump. 127 mm Dia. Inlet And 100 mm Outlet.
Item Ref: N7911-34
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Air Operated Pp Diaphragm Pumps 50Mm
Polypropylene Double Diaphram Pump With Ptfe Eleastomers 50mm Dia In/Outlets Bsp
Item Ref: RC277KP-34
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200 Lpm Int Combustion Pump Rubber Lined
200 Lpm At 10M.Hd. 40mm Dia In/Outlet. Packed Gland With 7.5Kw 1460 Rpm Belt Drive. Overall Size 800mm X 600mm X 800mm Tall. Made By International Combustion Vac Seal Ltd
Item Ref: N9935-35
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200 Lpm Gilbert Gilkes Pumps Model 3622
New Mild Steel Gear Pumps Model 3622 Ghbfrv With 3" Npt Flanges
Item Ref: RC1162A-34
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Air Operated Ali Diaphragm Pumps 50mm
Aluminum Double 50mm dia BSP Connections with Buna Elastomers approx 200 Lpm 6 Bar
Item Ref: R277KB-34
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200LPM S/S Versamatic Double Diaphragm pump E3 3" Dia
Stainless Steel Versamatic E3 ratedd 200 LPM at 3 bar overall size 510 mm x 460 mm x 815 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-13262-34
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