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Charles Austin Air Pump Type Dymax 2
Item Ref: S8631-60
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Little Giant Centrifugal Polyprop Pump
With 12 mm Connections And .105 Kw 1 Ph Drive
Item Ref: S9842-33
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Qvf Glass Pump Type 14 Cp 11 1 Phase
12 mm Dia Connections
Item Ref: S6499-60
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27/40 Lpm Eheim Plastic Pump Type 1034
1 Ph
Item Ref: S9434-60
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30 Lpm Stuart Turner Pump 1 Phase
25 mm Gunmetal Body.
Item Ref: S8405-33
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36 Lpm Crown G/M Pump Model C4 0.75 Kw
36 Lpm 20 Psi Gunmetal Monoblock Pump With 25 mm Bsp Connections 0.75 Kw 2880 Rpm Drive
Item Ref: N4911-33
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55 Lpm Stuart Turner Gun Metal Pump
55 Lpm 1.5 M/Hd Gun Metal Pump With 20 mm Connections,170W 3 Phase Drive
Item Ref: N4343-33
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136 Lpm Mitchell Craig A1 Ceramic Pump
136 Lpm 15.2 M/Hd Or 22 Psi,If Fitted With 2880 Rpm Drive Ceramic Pump With 25 mm Connections ,Mechanical Seal,Price Unmotorised #890
Item Ref: N4661-33
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136 Lpm Qvf Glass Pump Type Gpb 3Kw Flp
Glass Casing With 50 mm Inlet And 38 mm Outlet. Ptfe Impellor. 136 Lpm At 9.1 M Head
Item Ref: N6335-33
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200 Lpm Int Combustion Pump Rubber Lined
200 Lpm At 10M.Hd. 40mm Dia In/Outlet. Packed Gland With 7.5Kw 1460 Rpm Belt Drive. Overall Size 800mm X 600mm X 800mm Tall. Made By International Combustion Vac Seal Ltd
Item Ref: N9935-35
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227 Lpm Qvf Glass Pump Type Gpb6/15
227 Lpm 12.2 M/Hd Glass Pump With Mechanical Seal 38 mm Connections 1.5 Kw 1400 Rpm Drive One Unit With Flameproof Drive Price 81350 N5646
Item Ref: N5646-33
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227 Lpm Ceramic Ardua Type N 4 Kw Flp
Ceramic Centrifugal Pump With 50 mm Connections,Packed Gland,4 Kw 2880 Rpm Flp Drive
Item Ref: N4665-33
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