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500 Lpm W.Simpson S/S Pump Type 40Cp200
500 Lpm 50 M/Hd With 67 mm Inlet & 40 mm Outlet. 11 Kw, 2900 Rpm, 316Stainless Steel. Packed Gland.
Item Ref: S8732-33
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500 Lpm S/S Sterling Labour Pc80-50-200
Stainless Steel 318C17 Sterling Labour Pump Pc80-50-200. Semi Open Rotor 175mm Dia. 75mm Dia Inlet, 50mm Dia Outlet. Duty 500 Lpm At 10M Head. Mech Seal. Driven By 2.2Kw 2800 Rpm Flp Motor. 400mm X 1000mm X 420mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10343-33
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500 Lpm S/S Ebara Pump 3M40-200/7.5Kw
Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump Rated 500 Lpm At 4.5Bar With 65mm Dia X 40mmdia Outlet Fitted With 7.5Kw 2900 Rpm
Item Ref: RC1264-33
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480 LPM Clarke M/S Centrifugal Pump 2.2kw Type CPE 30A1
Mild Steel 480 Lpm at 8 m head with 75 mm dia inlet 75 mm dia outlet monoblock drive 2.2 kw 2880 rpm 1 phase motor overall size 500 mm x 200 mm x 300 mm tall New & Unused  

Item Ref: ND-13302-32
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475 Pasilac Centrifugal Pump S/S Type ZMH3
Stainless Steel Centrifugal Mono block Pump with 100mm dia inlet 75mm outlet.  Mechanical Seal approx 15 kW  2,880 rpm.  Overall size 420mm x 880mm x 750mm Tall
Item Ref: ND-12045-33
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460 LPM Fristam Type Fp7 22 Kf 7.5 kW
160 LPM 29 Mt Head Stainless Steel Pump with 50mm. Inlet 38mm. Outlet Mechanical Seal.Direct Coupled to 7.5 kW 2,900 rpm motor
Item Ref: S9312-33
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460 Lpm I/Rand Type 3X2x8 Hoc 2.2 Kw
460 Lpm 16 Mt Head Stainless Steel Pump With 75mm.Inlet 50mm.Outlet Mechanical Seal.Direct Coupled To 2.2Kw 1440 Rpm Motor
Item Ref: N8804-33
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456 LPM Alfa Laval S/S Centrifugal Pump 11 kW Type ALC2 - D/220
Stainless steel centrifugal Mono block pump duty 456 LPM at 10m Head with 70mm Dia Connections.  Mechanical seal 11 kW Drive.  Overall size 370mm x 810mm x 420mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12053-33
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455 Lpm I-Rand Type Bn25-150/150 S/S
455 Lpm 29.6M/Hd Or 42 Psi Stainless Steel Pump With Packed Gland 63 mm Connections 5.5 Kw 2880 Rpm Drive
Item Ref: S4969-33
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455 Lpm Sigmund Pump Type B-Nl3
455 Lpm At 18.3 M. Head S/S Pump 50 & 38 mm Dia Connections Driven By 4 Kw 1440 Rpm Motor Packed Gland
Item Ref: N5238-33
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455 Lpm Vacseal Pump Type V Rubber Lined
Mild Steel Pump With Moulded Rubber Contact Parts For Abrasive Duties 455 Lpm 30.5 M. Head 50 mm Inlet 38 mm Outlet 15 Kw Drive
Item Ref: N5736-33
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455 Lpm S/S Centricompact Pump 1Ph 2.2Kw
Type D2/22K 50 mm.Inlet 38mm.Outlet 455 Lpm At 9.1 M Head With 2.2Kw Drive
Item Ref: N8417-33
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