Pumps Liquid Drum & Double Diaphragm

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Aro Drum Transfer Pump S/S
To Suit 600L Tank/Drum With 63mm Dia Connections. Overall Size 1500mm X 2000mm. Pneumatically Operated. Overall Size 2200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9578-34
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Glas-Craft Spartan II GEL coat spray system
Glas-Craft Spartan II GEL coat spray system
With Air Purge Solvent Flush, Graco Components and RSTM Applicator spray gun, mounted on trolley frame 
Item Ref: ND-12619-34
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7 LPM Graco Bulldog Mastic Drum Pumps Ratio 40 to 1
Graco SaniForce hydraulic twin post ram pumps for discharging high viscosity materials from 210L drum, Ratio 40 to 1.  Model 204 188A  Series J82A 62072799
to suit 520mm dia drum  Mounted on raise lower structure 1,000mm x 700mm x 1,600mm tall with 1,000mm lift.  Typical duty 7 LPM at 10 Bar with 25mm dia connections. [ serviced needs new seal kit ]
Item Ref: ND-11998-34
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Aro S/S Air Operated Piston Pump
9 To 1 Ratio For Medium Viscosity Liquids Or Paste Input Up To 150 Psi Output Up To 1350 Psi
Item Ref: S9532-34
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10 Lpm S/S Air Operated Drum Pump
Krones Neutrabling Stainless Steel Pump With 55 mm Dia Head X 500 mm Deep With Flange Clamp To Connect Drum.
Item Ref: N8134-33
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18 Lpm S/S Drum Pumps Aro Series 2000
Air Piston Type Pumps,
Item Ref: N4989-34
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Flux Stainless Steel Drum Pump 1 Ph
1150mm.Long 230 Volts 510 Watts
Item Ref: S9272-34
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20 Lpm Kecol Drum Transfer Pump S/S
Stainless Steel Unit Fitted With Kecol 100 Pump Head To Operate Up To 20 Lpm. Pumping Ratio 10:1 With 910mm Dia Priming Plate. Mounted In S/S Frame With Perspex Sides And Front Loading Doors. Overall Size 1100mm X 1600mm X 2000mm Tall. Mounted On Portable Base.Ref: Q/RH 10050 STS-TS
Item Ref: N8946-34
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Air Operated S/S Drum Pump
With Ingersol Rand Air Motor. Pistol Grip Valve For Depth Of 950 mm With 12 mm Outlet Tube
Item Ref: S9838-33
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25 LPM S/S Double Diaphram Pump

Stainless Steel Hygienic Double Diaphram Pump with Dairy grade elastomers AODD with 25mm dia connections mounted on stainless steel trolley overall size 320mm x 350mm x 400mm tall 

Item Ref: 11474
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Air Operated Ali Husky Diaphragm Pumps 25Mm
Aluminum Double 25mm Dia Bsp Connections With Buna Elastomers Aprox 100Lpm 6 Bar new & unused
Item Ref: ND-13248-34
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35 LPM S/S Drum Pump Type RBSB54
Stainless Steel Drum Pump with Mechanical Seal ,  Type RBSB54- DS 40 with PTFE -Stainless Steel Rotor and  PTFE stator immersed length 1,000 mm  with 38 mm dia outlet with 0.75 kw 1400 rpm 1 phase drive
Item Ref: ND-12686-34
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