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20 Lpm Kecol Drum Transfer Pump S/S
Stainless Steel Unit Fitted With Kecol 100 Pump Head To Operate Up To 20 Lpm. Pumping Ratio 10:1 With 910mm Dia Priming Plate. Mounted In S/S Frame With Perspex Sides And Front Loading Doors. Overall Size 1100mm X 1600mm X 2000mm Tall. Mounted On Portable Base.Ref: Q/RH 10050 STS-TS
Item Ref: N8946-34
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Air Operated S/S Drum Pump
With Ingersol Rand Air Motor. Pistol Grip Valve For Depth Of 950 mm With 12 mm Outlet Tube
Item Ref: S9838-33
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20 LPM Calpeda Hot oil Pump Type T61
Cast Iron Pump head Duty 20 LPM 7 M head 0.55 kW 24 mm connections.  Overall size 125mm x 250mm x 170mm tall
Item Ref: ND-11994-32
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20 LPM SSP Lobe Pump Type 75 Nd 0.37 kW
Stainless Steel Lobe Pump 20 LPM at 2 Bar.   Mechanical Seal with 19mm RJT connections. Belt Driven by 0.37 kW motor. Overall size 460mm x 320mm x 610mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12035-34
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21 Lpm Itt Purflo S/S Lobe Pump B2
Stainless Steel Lobe Pump Duty 21 Lpm At 8 Bar With Mech Seals 25mm Dia Bsp Connections
Item Ref: N10513-34
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21 Lpm Mono Pump M/S Cmd32
Mild Steel Mono Pump 30mm Dia In-Outlet Flange Connections Bare Shafted On Bed Plate
Item Ref: N10517-34
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23LPM S/S Netzsch Mono Pump type NM021SY

Stainless Steel mono pump 23 LPM at 4 Bar with 25mm dia RJT connections with 0.55 kW 311 rpm direct coupled gear drive mounted on bed plate.  Overall size 230mm x 1500mm x 350mm tall

Item Ref: N10880-34
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Mpl 0.4-0.23 Lph 3 Stage Pump
1-Phase Drive. Flow Rate Is For Each Head, All Independently Variable.
Item Ref: S8530-60
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0-23 Lph Ecd 3 Head Metering Pump S/S
Type G500v/V/12Px15mm 3000 Psi
Item Ref: N5998-35
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23 Lpm Mitchell Craig Diaphragm Pump
Ceramic Lined For Acids 25 mm Connections 0.37 Kw Drive
Item Ref: N5851-34
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25LPM MDM S/S Centrifugal Pump 0.55Kw

Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump with 85mm dia impeller 25mm dia RJT Inlet and outlet with single mechanical seal duty 25LPM at 6m head mounted on stainless steel trolley base overall size 450mm x 220mm x 350mm tall

Item Ref: 11472
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25 LPM S/S Double Diaphram Pump

Stainless Steel Hygienic Double Diaphram Pump with Dairy grade elastomers AODD with 25mm dia connections mounted on stainless steel trolley overall size 320mm x 350mm x 400mm tall 

Item Ref: 11474
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