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5 Lpm Ssp S/S Lobe Pump Type 25Nd
With 12mm Connections. Unmotorised
Item Ref: S8218-34
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5 Lpm Procon S/S Pump 1 Phase 0.25 Kw
10 mm Connections, Unused
Item Ref: S7846-34
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5 Lpm Ssp Lobe Pump Type .5 Nd
Stainless Steel Pump With 25 M/M Connections No Drive
Item Ref: S8217-34
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6 LPM Watson Marlow S/S Peristaltic Pump

Duty 6 LPM at 4 Bar Stainless Steel contact parts mounted in an aluminium case with 25mm Dia ISS Inlet and outlets with direct coupled 1.5 kW 40 rpm geared motor No: 7010048 overall size 520mm x 700mm x 520mm tall 

Item Ref: N10893-34
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6 LPM Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump Type 504S
Duty approx 6 LPM at 4 Bar with manual control to suit accuracy use 1 phase supply
Overall size 270mm x 340mm x 150mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12208-34
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6 LPM SSP S/S Lobe Pump Type 100 ND 0.55 kW
Stainless Steel Pump with 25 mm dia RJT connection duty 6 LPM at 5 Bar. Driven by 0.55 kW 1,25 rpm Geared drive 
Overall size 850 mm x 300 mm x 350 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12308-34
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6.8 Lpm Wanner Hydra-Cell Pump
6.8 Lpm At 69 Bar. Model Go3xdbthec. Gunmetal Diaphragm Pump With 12mm Connections. Driven By Flange Mounted 1.1Kw 1460 Rpm Motor
Item Ref: N8818-34
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7 LPM Graco Bulldog Mastic Drum Pumps Ratio 40 to 1
Graco SaniForce hydraulic twin post ram pumps for discharging high viscosity materials from 210L drum, Ratio 40 to 1.  Model 204 188A  Series J82A 62072799
to suit 520mm dia drum  Mounted on raise lower structure 1,000mm x 700mm x 1,600mm tall with 1,000mm lift.  Typical duty 7 LPM at 10 Bar with 25mm dia connections. [ serviced needs new seal kit ]
Item Ref: ND-11998-34
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8 Lpm S/S Submersible Pump 1 Ph
D.C.Gunn Pump Stainless Steel Head 960mm.Long Shaft And 1/2 Inch Bsp Outlet. Suitable For Drum Discharging.
Item Ref: N8379-33
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10 Lpm S/S I/Dresser Pump 32-20Cpxm200
Stainless Steel Ingersoll Dresser Pump Type 32-20Cpxm200. Duty 10 Lpm At 40M Head. 32mm Dia Inlet And 20mm Dia Outlet. Mech Seal. Mono Block Type. 316 Duplex Grade. With 3Kw 2880 Rpm Drive. Overall Size 300mm X 610mm X 350mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10339-33
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Aro S/S Air Operated Piston Pump
9 To 1 Ratio For Medium Viscosity Liquids Or Paste Input Up To 150 Psi Output Up To 1350 Psi
Item Ref: S9532-34
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Little Giant Centrifugal Polyprop Pump
With 12 mm Connections And .105 Kw 1 Ph Drive
Item Ref: S9842-33
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