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980LPM APV Centrifugal Pumps W+ 80/80 380-215
Stainless Steel Pump with 70 mm dia inlet 45mm dia outlet and 380 mm dia rotor with about 5.5 kw drive serial number 18139060601250000. overall size 900 mm x 450 mm x 600 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12626-33
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910 Lpm Torres Type 100 S/S Sliding Vane
910 Lpm At 300 Rpm 100mm Connections with Pressure Relief Valve. Bare Shaft Needs 7.5 kW Geared Drive
Item Ref: N7053-34
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910 Lpm Labour Type 15Sz 22.5Kw 2920 Rpm
910 Lpm 61 M/Hd Material K 26, 63 mm Inlet 50 mm Outlet,Mechanical Seals Direct Coupled To 22.5 Kw 2920 Rpm Motor
Item Ref: N4747-33
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910 Lpm Girdlestone M/S Pump 2.5Gn18
76.2 M Head If Running At 2900 Rpm. Mechanical Seal. Unmotorised
Item Ref: S8175-32
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900 Lpm W/Simpson Type 3Dm4
900 Lpm 25 M/Hd 7.5 Kw 2880 Rpm Drive
Item Ref: S6893-32
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900 Lpm Ingersoll Rand S/S Pump Flp
316 Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump Pump Type 32-20Cp X 2000 24 Bar 4 Kw 2890 Rpm Flp Drive
Item Ref: S9713-33
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820 Lpm S/S Midland Dairy Pump D4/750
Stainless Steel Food Quality Pump 50 mm Connections 30.5 M Head
Item Ref: S6672-33
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820 Lpm Ksb S/S Pump type CPF-CF 32-200 50 & 63 Mm Conns
Stainless Steel Pump Duty  83.4 LPM  40 M Head @ 2900 RPM  Pump number 485 638 Unmotorised
Item Ref: S7816-33
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800LPM APV Centrifugal Pumps W+ 55/35 380
Stainless Steel Pump with 55 mm dia inlet 35mm dia outlet and 380 mm dia rotor with about 3 kw drive serial number C287654. overall size 900 mm x 450 mm x 600 mm tall

Item Ref: ND-12625-33
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795 Lpm Labour Acid Pump Type 30Xl
795 Lpm 27.5 M/Hd 39 Psi Laminil Acid Pump Price Unmotorised 8940
Item Ref: S4767-33
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795 Lpm Sulzer S/S Pump 3 Kw 2850 Rpm
795 Lpm Stainless Steel Pump With 25 & 38 mm Connections
Item Ref: S5251-33
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773 Lpm Labour Type 15 Dzt S/S 22.5 kW
22.5 kW at 2,880 Rpm Giving 55 M. Head Material 821Nb Stainless Steel  One Without Drive Price O1750
Item Ref: S6667-33
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