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10 Lpm S/S I/Dresser Type 50-32 Px125
Stainless Steel Ingersoll Dresser Pump Type 50-320 Px125. Duty 10 Lpm at 10M Head. 50mm Dia Inlet, 32mm Dia Outlet. Mech Seal. Driven By 1.5 kW 2,850 Rpm Drive.
Overall size 900mm X 400mm X 450mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10338-33
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10 Lpm S/S Air Operated Drum Pump
Krones Neutrabling Stainless Steel Pump With 55 mm Dia Head X 500 mm Deep With Flange Clamp To Connect Drum.
Item Ref: N8134-33
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11 Lpm Ssp Type 50Nd/B5 1.5 V/Speed
Stainless Steel Lobe Pump 0 to 11 Lpm At 5 Bar.  With Mech. Seals. 19 mm. Bsp Connections.  Driven by 1.5 kW 0-1400 Rpm Carter Variable Drive.
Item Ref: N8388-34
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11.2 Lpm Wanner Hydra-Cell Pump
11.2 Lpm At 69 Bar. Model Go3xdbthhec. Gunmetal Diaphragm Pump With 12mm Connections. Driven By Flange Mounted 3Kw 1460 Rpm Motor
Item Ref: N8817-34
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12 Lpm S/S Allweiler Pump Type Asbp12.2
Stainless Steel Mono Type Rotor Stator Pump With 38mm Dia Flange Connections. Driven By 0.5Kw 480 Rpm Belt Drive.
Item Ref: N9320-34
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Glen Creston Peristaltic Pump
Approx 12 Lpm With Variable Speed Type L400 With Single Phase 1400 Motor. 0 - 400 Speed Range, Zero Max.
Item Ref: S9978-34
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12.5 Lpm S/S Howard Lobe Pump 32Md
Stainless Steel Howard Lobe Pump Model 3Md With Packed Glands, 38mm Dia Bsp Connections. Belt Driven By 1.1Kw 1440 Rpm Motor To Give 12.5 Lpm At 40 Foot Head. Mounted On Base 610mm X 840mm X 650mm Tall
Item Ref: N10475-34
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13 Lpm Mono Type Cd21 Flp
13 Lpm 30.5 M/Hd Or 43 Psi 25 mm Connections,Belt Driven By .55 Kw 960 Rpm Flameproof Drive
Item Ref: S6168-34
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Qvf Glass Pump Type 14 Cp 11 1 Phase
12 mm Dia Connections
Item Ref: S6499-60
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14 Lpm Mono Pump Type Sh21
Stainless Steel 14 Lpm At 30M Head With 25mm Connections With Pressure Relief Manifold. 0.55Kw Motor Drive.
Item Ref: N9666-34
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13.6 Lpm W/Simpson Type 1Tmo 1.1Kw G/M
13.6 Lpm 61 M/Hd Or 86 Psi Gun Metal Pump With 38 mm Connections,Packed Gland 1.1 Kw 2750 Rpm Drive Boiler Feed Pump
Item Ref: N4482-33
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14.5 Lpm Ibex Mog 2020 S/S Lobe Pump

Stainless Steel 14.5 Lpm At 15 Bar With 40mm X 120mm Wide Feed To 75mm Dia Rjt Outlet. Driven By 2.2Kw 24-120Rpm V/Speed Gear Drive

Item Ref: N7157-34
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