Pumps Liquid Positve Displacement Mono

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666 LPM M/S New Mono Pump Type Z37AC85JMB
Mild steel cast iron mono pump with stainless steel shaft and rotor with High Nitrile stator duty 666 lpm at 15 m head or 1.47 bar with 65 mm dia inlet 50 mm dia outlet with direct coupled 5.5 kw 490 rpm geared motor unit. overall size 370 mm x 900 mm x 400 mm tall weight 125 kg
Item Ref: ND-12926-34
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570 Lpm Mono S/S Pump Type Sln113r8
Unmotorised Pump With Packed Gland. 100 mm Connections.
Item Ref: N6867-34
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320 LPM Mono Merlin M/S CLH12/R3R5
Mild steel cast iron pump 320 LPM at 4 bar.  70mm dia flange
Item Ref: N10805-34
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160 Lpm M/S Mono Pump Ce07ms1r2
Mild Steel Mono Pump 160 Lpm At 4 Bar Type Ce071 Ms1r2 Two Stage Mono Pump With Packed Glands Powered By 5.5Kw 213 Rpm Geared Motor Overall Size 350mm X 350mm X 2800mm Long
Item Ref: N10285-34
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115 Lpm S/S Orbit Pump
Stainless Steel Pump And Worm Type Rotor With Rubber Stator Type Scs 401-3-R3-G3. 115 Lpm At 3 Bar With 75mm Dia In/Outlet Connections. Packed Glands. Direct Coupled To 5.5Kw 286 Rpm Geared Motor. Trolley Mounted. Overall Size 440mm X 2300mm X 1150mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10094-34
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115 Lpm Mono Pump Type Sh70, S/S
115 Lpm At 15 M. Head. Stainless Steel With Packed Gland. 75 mm Inlet And Outlet. Driven By 2.2 Kw 320 Rpm Chain & Sprocket Drive.
Item Ref: N7213-34
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115 LPM S/S Mono Pump Type MH70 2.2 kW
Stainless Steel Mono pump duty 115 LPM at 15 M Head with packed gland seals 75 mm dia in-outlet connections driven by 2.2 kW  320 rpm drive.  Overall size 1,800 mm x 400 mm x 1,000 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12305-34
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114 Lpm Mono Type D6d
114 Lpm At 30.5 M/Hd Or 43 Psi Two Stage Mono With 50 mm Connections,4 Kw 720 Rpm Drive
Item Ref: N4916-34
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92 LPM S/S Mono pump type SE051 3 kW
Stainless Steel Mono pump type SE051MS1R5 duty 91 LPM at 4 bar with  70mm dia connections with a direct coupled 3 kW 370 rpm motor
Item Ref: ND-12025-34
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90 Lpm Mono Type Mh40
Bare Shaft But With Base. 90 Lpm. 30.5 M Head And 40 mm Connections. Stainless Steel.
Item Ref: S8553-34
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86 Lpm Mono Type Clj111 M/S 38 Mm Conns
No Motor Fitted Price 8350 Can Be Fitted With Suitable Motor Running At 1440Rpm
Item Ref: S6761-34
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80 LPM S/S Mono Pump Type SS052/MS1RS

Stainless Steel duty 80 LPM at 6 Bar with 75mm dia in/outlet with direct coupled 1.5 kW 231 rpm geared drive motor mounted on stainless steel bed 300mm x 300mm x 2450mm long.

Item Ref: N10727-34
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