Pumps Liquid Positve Displacement Mono

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32 Lpm Mono Type Cd30
32 Lpm 30.5 M/Hd Or 43 Psi If Driven By 0.55 Kw 1440 Rpm Motor,32 mm Connections. Price Unmotorised #270 One Unit With 2.2 Kw Motor
Item Ref: N4816-34
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32 Lpm Mono Merlin M/S Type Caa12g1rs
Mild Steel Duty 32 Lpm 50 Psi 32 mm Connections, Unmotorised
Item Ref: S7548-34
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30 Lpm Wide Throat Mono Type Mt821aa
Mild Steel 30 Lpm 3.5 Bar With 550mm X 280mm Feed Hopper With Auger And 75mm Outlet. Driven By Peter Rayner 7.5Kw 5-65 Rpm Variable Speed Gear Drive.
Item Ref: N8743-34
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30 Lpm Wide Throat Mono Type Mt821aa
Mild Steel 30 Lpm At 3.5 Bar With 550mm X 280mm Feed Hopper With Auger To Mono Section With 75mm Dia Outlet. Driven By Peter Rayner 7.5Kw 55 Rpm Gear Drive.
Item Ref: N8757-34
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28 Lpm Mono Pump Sh32
Stainless Steel With 25mm Dia In/Outlet Connections. Packed Gland Direct Coupled To 1.5Kw 1450 Rpm Motor. Mounted On Mild Steel Trolley Frame 500mm X 1000mm X 1150mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9100-34
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23 Lpm Mono Type Ed32 1.1 Kw 1440 Rpm
Ebonite Lined Pump,27 Lpm 61 M/Hd Or 86 Psi Bed Plate Mounted With V Belt Drive
Item Ref: S5726-34
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26 LPM Mono CGF232
Mild Steel Mono Pump 26 LPM at 4 Bar with 25mm BSP connections 0.55kW 1440 rpm motor. mounted on bed plate oveall size 570mm x 250mm x 250mm tall.
Item Ref: N10807-34
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25 LPM S/S New Mono Pump Type C22-RMB

New Stainless Steel Mono Pump with Stainless Steel Rotor and Nitrile Rotor with 32mm Dia BSP connections duty 25 LPM at 2.5 Bar with direct coupled 0.75 Kw 821 RPM Geared Drive

Item Ref: 11463
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25 Lpm Seepex S/S Mono Type Pump Flp
25 To 2.5 Lpm 2 Speed Stainless Steel Pump 38 & 25 M/M Connections Packed Gland 2 Bar Working Pressure 2 Speed 0.75 Kw Flameproof Drive Supplied By Fitz Seeberger
Item Ref: N8255-34
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23LPM S/S Netzsch Mono Pump type NM021SY

Stainless Steel mono pump 23 LPM at 4 Bar with 25mm dia RJT connections with 0.55 kW 311 rpm direct coupled gear drive mounted on bed plate.  Overall size 230mm x 1500mm x 350mm tall

Item Ref: N10880-34
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21 Lpm Mono Pump M/S Cmd32
Mild Steel Mono Pump 30mm Dia In-Outlet Flange Connections Bare Shafted On Bed Plate
Item Ref: N10517-34
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18 Lpm S/S Hygienic Mono Pump S041
Stainless Steel Hygienic Pump 18 Lpm 4 Bar With 50mm Dia In/Outlet Connections. 2.2Kw 0 To 25 Rpm With Carter F14 Ritaspeed Following Box 59:1 Ratio.
Item Ref: N9420-34
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