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380 LPM DAB M/S Centrifugal Pump 11 kw
Mild Steel 380 lpm at 20 m head with 80 mm dia inlet 00 mm dia outlet monoblock drive 11 kw 2880 rpm overall size 630 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm tall

Item Ref: ND-13300-32
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380 LPM S/S Fristam Pump FP8551/205 5.5kW

380 LPM at 1 Bar Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump with 90mm dia  Inlet and 60mm dia outlet connections 5.5 kW 1,440 rpm.  Overall Size 700mm X 300mm X 700mm

Item Ref: N10752-34
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364 Lpm Ryland Sihi S/S Multistage Pump
85.3 M. Head, 100 mm Inlet, 50 mm Outlet. Direct Coupled 15 Kw 1440 Rpm Drive Model Cehk102
Item Ref: N6259-33
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364 Lpm W Simpson 1.5Dc82 S/S Pump
50 mm Inlet 38 mm Outlet. 11 Kw 2990 Rpm Giving 45.7 M. Head. Packed Gland
Item Ref: S8098-33
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360 Lpm W/Simpson Type 1.5 Dc 82 11Kw
360 Lpm 40 Mt Head Stainless Steel Pump With 50mm.Inlet 38mm.Outlet. Packed Gland Direct Coupled To 11Kw 2880 Rpm Motor
Item Ref: S9309-33
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360 Lpm Grundfos Type Pump Cr160/4A 11Kw
Mild Steel Pump 11Kw 2900 Rpm With 75mm Dia In/Outlets.
Item Ref: N9762-32
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350 Lpm Alpha Laval S/S Lkh
Stainless Steel Centrifugal Type Lkh-40-170-Ss. 350Lpm at 40M Head. With 70mm Dia Inlet and 50mm Dia Outlet.  Mechanical Seal.   Mono Block Pump with 11 kW 2,900 rpm Drive.
Overall size 800mm X350mm X 500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9944-33
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345 LPM S/S Flowserve Centrifugal Pump Model 50-32CPX200
Stainless Steel Flowserve Centrifugal Pump rated 350 LPM at 56 m Head - 24 Bar with 50 mm dia inlet 320 mm dia outlet with aprox 5.5 kw 2880 rpm drive motor mounted on mild steel bed plate 1,100 mm x 500 mm x 620 mm tall. [ needs a seal service]

Item Ref: ND-12910-33
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340 LPM Holden Brook M/S Centrifugal Pump 7.5kw
Mild Steel 340 lpm at 20 m head with 80 mm dia inlet 50 mm dia outlet monoblock drive 7.5 kw 2880 rpm overall size 650 mm x 390 mm x 400 mm tall

Item Ref: ND-13299-32
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335 Lpm Ssp 300 Nd S/S Lobe Pump 11 Kw
11 Kw 500 Rpm Drive
Item Ref: S8343-34
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330 Lpm Girdlestone S/S Pump Type 30Ls3g
Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump Giving 80 M Head Size 50-40-265 With 50mm Dia Inlet 40mm Dia Outlet. 7.5 Kw 2900 Rpm Drive.Serial Nos 46884/5
Item Ref: S8906-33
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330 LPM M/S Durco Centrifugal Pumps Type HL 100/65/250
330 LPM at 30m head with 100mm dia inlet, 65mm dia outlet, with direct coupled with 4 kW 930 Rpm drive motor.
Overall size 1,250mm x 520mm x 560mm tall

Item Ref: ND-12257-32
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