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40 Lpm Mono Pump Type Sh80, S/S
40 Lpm At 15 M Head. Stainless Steel With Packed Gland. 75 mm Inlet And Outlet. Driven By 2.2 Kw 72 Rpm Gear Drive.
Item Ref: N7212-34
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42 LPH Doseubo Metring Pump Type B 125N
PVC Head  with Hydraulic Diaphram  385 lpm at 6 m head with 32 mm dia inlet 32 mm dia outlet monoblock drive 0.18 kw 2880 rpm 1 phase drive motor overall size 400 mm x 200 mm x 400 mm tall 2 off

Item Ref: ND-13307-35
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42 LPM Mono Pump Type CD40 1.1 kW
Mild Steel Mono Pump Type CD40 duty 42 LPM at 30 M head with 38 mm dia flanged inlet/outlets Packed gland seal driven by 1.1 kW  700 Rpm drive.  Overall size 1,000 mm x 400 mm x 350 mm
Item Ref: ND-12306-34
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45 Lpm W/Simpson Pump Type 50Wje200

Mild Steel Pump 45 Lpm At 30M Head. Mono Block Pump With 15Kw 2900 Rpm Motor. 50mm Dia Flange Connections In/Outlets. Overall Size 780mm X 450mm X 450mm Tall.

Item Ref: N9756-32
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45 Lpm Pcm Mono Pump Type Ppf 3M
25 mm Bsp Connections
Item Ref: N4748-34
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45 Lpm Ryaland Sihi 0.37Kw Model Aov1210
Mild Steel 25 mm Connections 1440 Rpm
Item Ref: N5218-32
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45 Lpm Wade In Line Accelerator Pump
50 mm Connections 0.2 Kw 1440 Rpm Drive 3.9 M Head
Item Ref: N5937-32
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47 LPM Mono Clean S/S Pump type SJ500 1.1 Kw
Stainless Steel Mono Clean S/S Pump type SJ500 with 32mm dia connection with 1.1 kW 760 rpm belt drive mounted on trolley bed plate 700mm x 800mm x 680mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12056-34
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Graco HFR Metering system for sealants and Adhesives
  • 1x New and unused Graco HFR (Hydraulic Fixed Ratio Meter Mix and Dispense System), Machine to process a two component Polyurethane resin material system, Comes with hose. Model: HFRB-16AKACDBC, Series: I11B


  • 1x Graco Fusion MP plural component automatic spray gun, applying Polyurea, polyurethane coatings or spray foam insulation. (used a few times)


  • 1x Graco Endure automatic dispense valve, Part number 244535-Series G11B & Part number 244910-Series G11A


  • 1x New/Boxed Graco Endure automatic dispense valve refill kit, Part number 244535-Series G11B & Part number 244910-Series G11A

Item Ref: RC1376-34
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50 Lpm Mono Pump Cll13r3
Mild Steel Pump. Packed Gland With 50mm Flange Connections. Bare Shafted
Item Ref: N9890-34
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50 Lpm Labour S/S Self Priming Pump
Stainless Steel Type 10 Uhp With 50mm In/Outlets. Packed Gland. Bare Shafted.
Item Ref: N8954-33
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50 Lpm S/S Graco 1 Head Pump Air Operate
Stainless Steel Model 226/945.50 Lpm At 16 Bar 38 M/M Bsp Inlet 25 M/M Bsp Outlet
Item Ref: N8281-34
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