Pumps Liquid Positve Displacement Lobe

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2000 LPM SPX Twinro M/S Screw Pump 55 Kw
Mild Steel Twinro Screw pumps with  with 160 mm dia inlet 200 mm dia outlet direct coupled to 55 kw 1470 rpm drives overall size about 1,900 mm x 950 mm x 900 mm tall.

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Item Ref: ND-12539-34
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910 Lpm Torres Type 100 S/S Sliding Vane
910 Lpm At 300 Rpm 100mm Connections with Pressure Relief Valve. Bare Shaft Needs 7.5 kW Geared Drive
Item Ref: N7053-34
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680 Lpm Ssp Size Ap400/B55
Stainless Steel Lobe Pump 100 mm Connections Packed Glands Un Motorised Price #1900
Item Ref: N4776-34
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680 Lpm Ssp 400Nd S/S Lobe Pump
100mm Connections up to 680 Lpm And 100 Psi. Currently Un-motorised
Item Ref: N6700-34
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600 Lpm S/S Itt Jabsco Lobe Pump
Model No D1-4334 Stainless Steel Lobe Pump with Mechanical Seal.100mm Connections.7.5 kW 320 Rpm Belt Drive.
Item Ref: N8038-34
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416 Lpm Allweiler Screw Pump Set
416 Lpm At 6 Bar. Mild Steel Electrically Heated Screw Pump. 2 Off With 10 Kw - 1460 Rpm Mitors. Type Psn440 R46/11 Deg. Pump.
Item Ref: N7910-34
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335 Lpm Ssp 300 Nd S/S Lobe Pump 11 Kw
11 Kw 500 Rpm Drive
Item Ref: S8343-34
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300 Lpm Waukesha S/S Pump Model 50 70
Stainless Steel Positive Displacement Pump With 100mm.Flanged Connections & Mechanical Seal 15 Kw Drive Through Gear Box
Item Ref: S9300-34
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Heavy Duty Process Pump Tuthill 300 Lpm S/S Lobe Pump
Stainless Steel 300 Lpm At 15 Bar. With 100mm Dia Bsp Connections. Mech Seals. Currently Bare Shafted. To Be Supplied With 15Kw 200 Rpm Geared Motor Drive.

Applications - Pulp & paper, chemical processing, meat processing, wastewater, chocolate, adhesives, polymers, asphalt, sludges, slurries


  • High viscosity
  • High pressure
  • Runs dry without damage
  • High temperature
  • High vacuum
  • External bearing chamber
  • Shaft seals available
  • Externally timed gears
  • Slow speed for long wear and low shear
  • Reversible flow
Item Ref: N9427-34
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300 Lpm S/S Ssp Lobe Pump Type 300 Nd
Stainless Steel 300 Lpm At 5 Bar With 76 mm Dia. Flange Connections With Packed Gland Seals With 4 Kw Gear Drive. Type 300 Nd.
Item Ref: N9532-34
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250 LPM S/S SSP JKTD Lobe Pump Type 300 ND
Stainless steel Jacketed pump 250 LPM at 4 bar with 76 mm dia RJT connections 4 kw Geared drive
Item Ref: ND-12776-34
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250 Lpm Waukesha S/S Pump Size 60
Stainless Steel Positive Displacement Pump With 63 mm. RJT Connections & Mechanical Seal  duty 250 Lpm at 6 bar with about 5.5 Kw variable speed gear drive  40 to 400 rpm with three way valve to recirculate or discharge. Pump number 15594 SS.  Overall size 1,300 mm x 1,000mm x 1,900 mm tall

Item Ref: ND-13655-34
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