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175L Guedu 175 S/S JKTD Vacuum Pan Mixer/Drier

Stainless Steel 316 grade chamber 304 grade outer Guedu Pan Drier 175 NO/PO type B machine number 7930. Chamber Full vacuum jacket 1.5 Bar W.P 650mm dia x 560mm deep.  Total volume 190L.  Outlet discharge height 895mm with 7.5 kW EExd II BT4 geared drive motor with hand hydraulic raise lower lid.  Overall size 1,500mm x 1,000mm x 2,500mm tall weight 1,200 kg. 

Item Ref: N10746-13
200L S/S GEA Aeromatic Fluid Bed Spray Granulator Drier type T/SG-5
Stainless Steel Batch type Fluid bed Spray Granulator Drier chamber 1,050 mm Dia with Stainless steel trolley base 1,070 mm Dia x 500 mm deep tapered to 760 mm dia mounted in main chamber 2,300 mm x 1,800mm x 2,500 mm tall with burst vent 2,850 mm tall. With inline hepa type filter Gill tube heat source.  Peristaltic liquid granulation feeder.  Circulation fans to suit. 
Item Ref: ND-11660-13
Steelshaw 280 L S/S Double Cone Drier
Stainless Steel Oblicone Steam Jacketed Double Cone Vacuum Drier 840 mm Dia. With 610 mm Deep Cones. 200 mm Outlet With Butterfly Valve. 1.5 Kw Flameproof Drive, Variable Speed 9/20 Rpm
Item Ref: N5730-13
Steelshaw 280 L S/S Double Cone Drier
Stainless Steel Oblicone Steam Jacketed Double Cone Vacuum Drier 840 Dia. 610 mm Deep Cones. 200 mm Outlet. 1 Rpm Drive Unit. 40 Psi Working Pressure In Jacket
Item Ref: N6433-13
300L AEW Electric Fan Circulated M/S Oven

Mild Steel Fan circulated chamber 630mm x 700mm x 650mm Tall with stop start temperature control and timer 0 to 200 Deg.C 5 kW 3 phase

Overall size 1,100mm x 1,120mm x 1,900mm tall 

Item Ref: N10829-10
400 L S/S Double Cone Vacuum Drier
Stainless Steel Mild Steel Jacket. 1000 Dia X 310mm On Straight. One Cone 400mm Deep To 400mm Manway. Other With 500mm Deep Cone With 100mm Connection. Driven By 3 Hp Dropp Var.Spd Geared Motor 8.5 - 25Rpm.Overall Size 1200X3300x 2880 mm.
Item Ref: N7904-13
Sandvik S/S Belt- Cooler 400mm X 11M Long
Stainless Steel Flat Belt Cooler-Drier 400mm Wide X 11,000mm Long with a 1.5 kW  9 to 15 rpm Gear drive mounted on a frame with Water Cooler Sprays mounted below the belt with Stainless Steel Collection Sink
Overall Size 10,500mm X 12,00mm X 1,800mm High.
Item Ref: N10385-13
Unifab Electronics Quantum -2000 PC re flow oven
Unifab Electronics Quantum -2000 PC re flow oven 
Infrared and venturi forced convection 
Item Ref: ND-11843-13
14.5Sq.M Buss Contivac Cont Drier S/S
Stainless Steel Type V4504 Jacketed Screw Drier Surface Area 14.5 Sq M Chamber 760L 450mm Dia X 4800mm Long Driven By 75 Kw-27Rpm With Hydraulic Scraper Auger Action Suitable For Vacuum Operation A Separate Drive Reciprocates The Screw To Keep It Wiped. With Control Panel
Item Ref: N5786-13
800L Pfaudler Double Cone Drier

Mild Steel Glass Lined with Mild Steel Jacket.   Chamber size approx 1370mm dia x 460mm deep with 610mm deep cone with 3 Kw geared drive.  Overall size 2000mm x 3600mm x 2850mm tall. Weight empty 2250 Kg.

Item Ref: RC1436-13
1100 L Pfaudler Glass Ld Cone Drier
Model Cd72 Glass Lined Double Cone Drier Steam Jacketed And Designed For Vacuum Can Be Offered As Spare Body Only 87800
Item Ref: N5731-13
1660L S/S Kolbe Vacuum Jktd Ball Mill
Stainless Steel Jacketed Ball Mill Drier 1850mm X 1850mm With 450mm Dia Manway. Vessel Vac/0.689 N/mm.Sq. Jacket 2.576 N/mm.Sq. 250 Deg.C. Chamber Total Volume 5000L (As Is Price Body Only). Msd No. 172612. Mf No. 27/90. Manufactured By Seymour Engineering, Cleveland.[Note As Is Price Is The Body Only]
Item Ref: N9134-13