Driers Fluid Bed- Spray

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Atomiser For Niro Pilot Size Spray Drier CK 539

Air Operated CK 539 

Item Ref: S8008-13
Niro Mobile Minor Spray Drier, Electric
With Stainless Steel Chamber 610mm Dia X 610mm Deep With A 660mm Deep Cone Electrically Heated With Spinning Disc Niro Atomizer Head To Give Up To 7Kg/Hr At 350 Deg.C. Mounted On Portable Frame. Overall Size 1830mm X 910mm X 2230mm No: 2137
Item Ref: N10443-13
15 Kg/hr S/S Drytec Tower Pilot Size Spray Drier
Stainless Steel Chamber about 910 mm  Dia x 2,000 mm deep , 800 mm deep cone to 50 mm dia outlet. With spray type atomiser [ original powder collection cyclone requires replacement Plus Control Panel] with Natural Gas Heat Source or Gill tube heater  Mono Pump product feed pump, mounted in stainless steel frame with access ladder over all size 2,700 mm x 3,300mm x 4,500 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12563-13
Niro Atomizer Head Fi0
Niro Stainless Steel Spinning Disc Atomizer Head Type F10.Lgc06 No: 336 With 100mm Dia Spinning Disc 450mm Dia X 650mm Deep With Overall Height 1400mm
Item Ref: N10654-13
Industrie Cibec Spray Drier 1C-Sc-250-Up
Stainless Steel Spray Drier With Spay Atomiser Head Chamber Size 3800mm Dia X 10,000 Tall Gas Heat Source To Evaporate Aprox 250 Kg/Hour Of Water 60% Density = 175 Kg/H, 50% Density = 266 Kg/H, 40% Density = 405Kg/H Heat Source 55Kw Heat Fource 400,000 Kcal/H Overall Height 19,500mm Year Of Manufactur 2001 With Only 50Hr Use. To Process Natural Instant Coffee.
Item Ref: RC1060A-13
Niro Spinning Disc Atomiser Head
Item Ref: N10719-13
0.3 Sq. M Niro Pilot Size Continuous S/S Fluid Bed Drier
Stainless Steel Continuous Fluid Bed Drier 250 mm wide x 1,290 mm long, with 120 mm dia in/outlets.
Overall size 1,600 mm x 800 mm x 1,600 mm tall.   Sn: 8701

Item Ref: ND-12200-13
0.6 Sq. M Escher Wyss Fluid Bed Drier
Stainless Steel Continuous fluid bed drier 300 mm wide x 2,000 mm long with three internal zones within the bed mounted on mild steel portable frame 2,200 mm x 3,500 mm x 3,600 mm tall.
Item Ref: RC1341-13
4L Prl Lab S/S Fluid Bed Drier
Stainless Steel Lab Fluid Bed Drier 140mm Dia X 220mm Deep Chamber With Filter Sock With 1.8 Kw 1 Phase Heat Source 0 To 100 Deg.C Temp Control. Overall Size 500mm X 450mm X 600mm Tall
Item Ref: N10204-13
Glatt S/S Fluid Bed Drier Wsg Cd 120
Stainless Steel Batch Type Fluid Bed Drier Granulator Batch Size 120 Kg Cap 200 Kg/Hr Approx Overall Size 1600mm X 1500mm X 2500mm Tall Weight Approx 2600 Kg
Item Ref: RC1349C-13
200L S/S GEA Aeromatic Fluid Bed Spray Granulator Drier type T/SG-5
Stainless Steel Batch type Fluid bed Spray Granulator Drier chamber 1,050 mm Dia with Stainless steel trolley base 1,070 mm Dia x 500 mm deep tapered to 760 mm dia mounted in main chamber 2,300 mm x 1,800mm x 2,500 mm tall with burst vent 2,850 mm tall. With inline hepa type filter Gill tube heat source.  Peristaltic liquid granulation feeder.  Circulation fans to suit. 
Item Ref: ND-11660-13