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4L Prl Lab S/S Fluid Bed Drier
Stainless Steel Lab Fluid Bed Drier 140mm Dia X 220mm Deep Chamber With Filter Sock With 1.8 Kw 1 Phase Heat Source 0 To 100 Deg.C Temp Control. Overall Size 500mm X 450mm X 600mm Tall
Item Ref: N10204-13
Pfaudler 5L Glass Lind Double Cone Drier
Approx 250 Dia. 250 mm Deep With 0.55 Kw Geared Drive. Suitable For Vacuum And Jacketed For Steam
Item Ref: S7949-13
5 Kw Heat Source S/S

Stainless Steel ducted heat source 480mm x 500mm x 300mm deep with intake filter Heap 7 Dawson Gill tube heater rated up to 35 Bar and 3 phase 415V 5000W heat source with 1.5 Kw 2880 RPM S/S fan.

Item Ref: N10785-13
5.5L Aeromatic S/S Fluid Bed Drier/Coater type AES 5.5
Stainless steel product chamber 640 mm dia to 250 mm dia  x 470 mm deep.  Spray balls fitted through bowl side, three spray nozzle connections to bowl side.  External heat source required.  Heating capacity 800 kCal per hour, 415v 3 pH electrical supply.  Machine control panel with batch timer, outlet air temp C. Magnehelic gauges for:- filter resistance; perforated plate; air volume; on/off toggle switch for filter cleaning; bowl raise/lower lever; s/s bowl cart with wheels; exhaust air flap valve; fan motor 2.5 kW 2,870 rpm, flap valve control of inlet air.  Overall size 1,300 mm x 1,300 mm x 2,200 mm tall. Machine number: 13681

Item Ref: ND-12011-13
Aluminium Drying Trays 810 X 400 X 25 Mm
With Perforated Bottom
Item Ref: N4720-13
S/S Drying Trays 810Mm X 400Mm X 25Mm De
New & Un Used Trays
Item Ref: N3351-13
600Mm Wide Sandvic Pastillator Applicato
With Rotary Pastillator Head And Ptfe Scrape Discharge. Serial Number: 1500 00151 00246 13
Item Ref: N8740-13
0.01 Sq.M. Denver Twin Screw Lab Drier
Stainless Steel With 75mm Dia X 850mm Long Twin Augers. Cored For Heating With External Jacket. Bolt Removable Hinged Lid With 80mm X 150mm Dia Inlet And Outlet. Top Centre 50mm Dia Connection And 75mm Dia Sight Glass. With 0.37Kw Carter Variable Speed Gear Drive. Overall Size 1000mm X 1900mm X 1080mm Tall. Auger Screws And Jacket T.P. 10.2 Bar 343 Deg.C.
Item Ref: N9614-24
Apv Mitchell Roll Drier 1,220 Dia X 3,050mm
All Stainless Steel Parts with Chrome Plated Roll Designed for Steam Heating with Variable Speed Carter Drive. One Unit with Dip Feed Trough.  One with Side Feed Trough. Scraper Discharge in 3 Sections, Pneumatically Controlled with 12 Sq. M Surface Area
Item Ref: N5777-13
S/S Dryer Trays 760Mm X1000mm X 25Mm
Item Ref: N8898-13
Anhydro S/S Spinning Flash Drier Model SFD 47
Stainless Steel chamber with Auger feed 36 kW Electric powered heat source drying chamber and cyclone collection hopper. up to 35 kg/h of water evaporation  temperature up to 300 Deg.C unit Overall size about 1,900mm x 1,500mm x 1,800mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-11731-13
Apex S/S Double Cone Drier 40 L
Stainless Steel Chamber Pilot Size Rotacone Model 201B Vacuum Drier.. Working Capacity Up To 38 Litre All Flameproof Electrics Over All Size 1200mm X 1600mm X 1750mm Tall
Item Ref: S7441-13