Driers Oven

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Aluminium Drying Trays 810 X 400 X 25 Mm
With Perforated Bottom
Item Ref: N4720-13
S/S Drying Trays 810Mm X 400Mm X 25Mm De
New & Un Used Trays
Item Ref: N3351-13
S/S Dryer Trays 760Mm X1000mm X 25Mm
Item Ref: N8898-13
300L AEW Electric Fan Circulated M/S Oven

Mild Steel Fan circulated chamber 630mm x 700mm x 650mm Tall with stop start temperature control and timer 0 to 200 Deg.C 5 kW 3 phase

Overall size 1,100mm x 1,120mm x 1,900mm tall 

Item Ref: N10829-10
Unifab Electronics Quantum -2000 PC re flow oven
Unifab Electronics Quantum -2000 PC re flow oven 
Infrared and venturi forced convection 
Item Ref: ND-11843-13
3,000 L New Elec Oven 150 Deg C
New Electrically Heated Oven Internal Mild Steel Galvanised Size 1,200mm X 1200mm X 2,000 mm Tall Single Door Entry Fan Re Circ with safety features 100mm Thick Mineral Wool Insulation with Outer Steel Cladding throughout
Operating Temperature 20 to 150 Deg.C 24 kW 415 Volts 50 Hz Heat Source and Fan Recirc System with Digital Electronic Controller with Over Temperature Protection Controller. [Stainless Steel Internal Calding can be supplied inside at extra cost]
Item Ref: R247X-13
Hedinair Steam Heated Chamber Oven
Each Chamber 1900L. Internal Size 940mm X 1525mm X 1370mm Tall With Twin Hinge Doors. Overall Size 1170mm X 1700mm X 1800 Tall. Fitted With Flp Fan And Stop Start Control With Steam Heater Bank To Suit. Hedinair Machine
Item Ref: RC297A-13