Driers Ovens Vacuum

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Calmic 2 Tray Vacuum Oven Elect. Heated
Type C51 With Twin Compartments 810 X 460 X 100 mm Deep With 6 Kw Heater System
Item Ref: N6707-13
Calmic 2 Tray S/S Vacuum Oven
Stainless Steel Oven With 2 Trays, 400 X 860 X 63 mm Deep With Electrical Heating
Item Ref: S6687-13
Apv Mitchell Halar Lined 5 Tray Vac Oven
Tray Size 430 X 830 M/M Mild Steel Halar Lined Chamber size 150L 660 Dia X 1,450 M/M with Hinged Door at each end.  Internal Coil Heat Source Machine No. 1068/76.  Overall Height 1,800 M/M.
Item Ref: N8126-13
Calmic Vacuum Oven 2 Trays 1830 X 1220Mm
Twin Compartment With Mechanical Hoist For Tray Removal
Item Ref: N5972-13
Vacuum Tray Drier 12 Trays S/S
Stainless Steel 810 X 400 X 25 mm Deep With Swing Bolt Hinged Door With Internal Heating Coil. W.P. 100 Psi. Chamber Full Vacuum. Chamber Size 770L 990 Dia X 1000 mm Long. Dished Ends, Mounted On M/S Frame. 2000 mm Overall Height.
Item Ref: N7984-13
Calmic Vacuum Drier 4 Trays 1,830 X1,220mm
4 Compartment Stainless Steel Drier Trays Approx 100mm Deep with Raise Lower Aid for ease of handling.
Item Ref: N6921-13