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Edwards Freezedrier Modulo
Vacuum Freeze Dryer Having A Ice Trapping Capacity Of 4 Litres For Freeze Drying Biological & Pharmaceutical Preparations But Suitable For Use On Other Vacuum Duties Including Evaporation & Distillation.Overall Dimensions H 332 mm W 535 mm D 622 mm
Item Ref: S9474-28
Lsl Secroid Sa Lyolab Bii Freeze Drier
Item Ref: RC818-50
Svegma Continuous Hot-air Drier Model 3100
Mild Steel Continuous Hot-air Drier Model 3100 with oil fired heat source rated at 4 to 7 TPH overall size aprox 3,000mm x 8,000mm x 11,000 tall
Item Ref: ND-11570-13
Niro S/S Mobile Minor Spray Drier

All Stainless Steel Chamber 610mm dia x 610mm deep x with a 610mm deep cone, with S/S cyclone to suit, with spinning disc atomiser head, requires new electric heat source to give up to 7 Kg/Hr evaporation at 350 Deg. C.  Mounted on portable frame.

Overall size 1,830mm x 910mm x 1,850mm tall machine number 1970.

Item Ref: N10902-13
Atomiser For Niro Pilot Size Spray Drier CK 539

Air Operated CK 539 

Item Ref: S8008-13
Anhydro model CD-63 Centrifugal Atomizers
Spinning Disc Atomizer Head CD-63 to suit Anhhydro S/S Lab S1 Spray drier 
Item Ref: ND-11527-13
Niro Atomizer Head Fi0
Niro Stainless Steel Spinning Disc Atomizer Head Type F10.Lgc06 No: 336 With 100mm Dia Spinning Disc 450mm Dia X 650mm Deep With Overall Height 1400mm
Item Ref: N10654-13
Niro S/S Spray Drier model S1 about 10 to 40 Kg/Hr
Stainless Steel chamber aprox 2,000mm x 2,000mm x 2,000mm deep with spinning disc atomiser Gas Fired indirect heat source, cyclone discharge to fume scrubber system. and original control panel.
Item Ref: ND-11571-13
Anhydro S/S spray Drier about 20 to 50 kg/h
Stainless Steel spray drier chamber aprox 2300mm dia x 2300mm with 2000mm cone to rotary valve with spinning disc atomiser, with gill tube heat source, with variable speed product feed pump 20 to 50 LPM mounted on steel frame with original controls, ( note discharge cyclone missing ).
Item Ref: 11464
Mitchell Thermo Venturi Tv No:6 Drier
Stainless Steel Thermo Venturi Drier Designed To Evaporate 60 To 90 Kg/Hr Of Water. Previously Used On Custard Powder 0.5mm Gran Size At A Feed Rate Of 280 To 300Kg/Hr. Requires Steam Heat Source Produdct Fed By Screw Feeders To Venturi Drier Tube 300mm Dia By 8000mm Tall Bends Through 180 Degrees To Reverse Jet Cyclone Dischage Rotary Valve. With Control Panel To Suit.
Item Ref: RC1065A-13
Industrie Cibec Spray Drier 1C-Sc-250-Up
Stainless Steel Spray Drier With Spay Atomiser Head Chamber Size 3800mm Dia X 10,000 Tall Gas Heat Source To Evaporate Aprox 250 Kg/Hour Of Water 60% Density = 175 Kg/H, 50% Density = 266 Kg/H, 40% Density = 405Kg/H Heat Source 55Kw Heat Fource 400,000 Kcal/H Overall Height 19,500mm Year Of Manufactur 2001 With Only 50Hr Use. To Process Natural Instant Coffee.
Item Ref: RC1060A-13
Niro Spray Drier Gas Fired 480 Kg/Hr
Stainless Steel Chamber 2600mm Dia X 5,000 mm On The Straight With 5,000 mm Deep Cone To 450mm Dia Outlet. Fitted With Spinning Disc Atomiser Head Model Ce250 12,500 Rpm. With Co-Current Gas Fired Heat Source To Heat Up To 320 Deg.C [ Previous Throughput To Evaporate 400 To 600 L/Hr From A Feed Stock Of 1,000L To 1,500L/Hr ] Machine Number 75 Eng 1135 Currently Housed In Building 6000mm X 6000mm X 22000mm Tall.
Item Ref: RC1057A-13