Driers Drum/Belt

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0.14 Sq. M. Apv S/S Twin Roll Drier 150mm
Lab Size Stainless Steel with 150mm dia X 150mm Face Rolls. Steam Heat/Cooling Rolls with Roller/Knife Discharge. Driven By 0.37 kW Carter Variable Speed Drive. No.: 6827
Item Ref: N8611-13
Double Drum Twin Roll Drier Vac Chamber
150 Dia 150mm.Face Stainless Steel Roll Drier Steam Heated Fitted In Mild Steel Vacuum Chamber, Carter Variable Speed Drive
Item Ref: N8727-13
Apv S/S Twin Roll Drier 150Mm. Face
Apv Mitchell Twin Roll 150mm.Dia Steam Heated Rolls With Knife Discharge Driven By 0.37 Kw Carter Variable Speed Drive Mounted In A Mild Steel Vacuum Chamber 640mm Dia X 640 mm Long With Hinged Bolt Removable Doores At Each End
Item Ref: N6864-58
0.25 Sq. M. Apv Single Roll Drier
Lab Size 220mm dia X 355mm Long Mild Steel Chrome Plated Drum with Knife Discharge. 0.25 kW Carter Variable Speed Drive. Mounted on Frame to Give 1,800mm X 600mm X 1,350mm Tall Frame.
Item Ref: N8584-13
0.3 Sq. M. S/S Roll Drier/Flaker, Pilot Size
300mm dia Drum 300mm Face, Cored for Heating or Cooling. With two 100mm dia X 300mm Faced Cored Applicator Rolls.  Jacketed Feed Trough and Doctor Rolls.  Scraped Blade Discharge. 0.37 kW Variable Speed Drive
Overall Size 1,400mm X 550mm X 1,500mm Tall.
Item Ref: S8437-13
3.2 Sq. M Inoximpianti Single Roll Drier
Stainless Steel Drum Approx 910mm Dia X 1,200mm Face with Knife Discharge
Item Ref: RC1344-13
600Mm Wide Sandvic Pastillator Applicato
With Rotary Pastillator Head And Ptfe Scrape Discharge. Serial Number: 1500 00151 00246 13
Item Ref: N8740-13
Apv Mitchell Roll Drier 1,220 Dia X 3,050mm
All Stainless Steel Parts with Chrome Plated Roll Designed for Steam Heating with Variable Speed Carter Drive. One Unit with Dip Feed Trough.  One with Side Feed Trough. Scraper Discharge in 3 Sections, Pneumatically Controlled with 12 Sq. M Surface Area
Item Ref: N5777-13
Sandvik S/S Belt- Cooler 400mm X 11M Long
Stainless Steel Flat Belt Cooler-Drier 400mm Wide X 11,000mm Long with a 1.5 kW  9 to 15 rpm Gear drive mounted on a frame with Water Cooler Sprays mounted below the belt with Stainless Steel Collection Sink
Overall Size 10,500mm X 12,00mm X 1,800mm High.
Item Ref: N10385-13