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0.01 Sq.M. Denver Twin Screw Lab Drier
Stainless Steel With 75mm Dia X 850mm Long Twin Augers. Cored For Heating With External Jacket. Bolt Removable Hinged Lid With 80mm X 150mm Dia Inlet And Outlet. Top Centre 50mm Dia Connection And 75mm Dia Sight Glass. With 0.37Kw Carter Variable Speed Gear Drive. Overall Size 1000mm X 1900mm X 1080mm Tall. Auger Screws And Jacket T.P. 10.2 Bar 343 Deg.C.
Item Ref: N9614-24
Anhydro S/S Spinning Flash Drier Model SFD 47
Stainless Steel chamber with Auger feed 36 Kw Electric powered heat source drying chamber and cyclone collection hopper. up to 35 kg/h of water evaporation  temperature up to 300 Deg.C unit overall size about 1900mm x 1500mm x 1800 mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-11731-13
175L Guedu 175 S/S JKTD Vacuum Pan Mixer/Drier

Stainless Steel 316 grade chamber 304 grade outer Guedu Pan Drier 175 NO/PO type B machine number 7930. Chamber Full vacuum jacket 1.5 Bar W.P 650mm dia x 560mm deep.  Total volume 190L.  Outlet discharge height 895mm with 7.5Kw EExd II BT4 geared drive motor with hand hydraulic raise lower lid.  Overall size 1500mm x 1000mm x 2500mm tall weight 1200 kg. 

Item Ref: N10746-13
300Kg Sibus Ind Continuous Paddle Drier

Mild Steel Continuous Sibus Industries Paddle Drier 520mm Dia X 3000mm Long With 22Kw 100 To 800 Rpm With :Propane Gas Fired Heat Source 3 Million Btus Per Hour Feed By A Y Throat Mono Pump To Feed Slurry To The Chamber With Evaporation Rate Of 300 Kg/Hr. With Cyclone Product Catch Pot And Secondary Filter Over All Size 6400mm X 3500mm X 4000mm Tall.

Item Ref: RC1245A-13
14.5Sq.M Buss Contivac Cont Drier S/S
Stainless Steel Type V4504 Jacketed Screw Drier Surface Area 14.5 Sq M Chamber 760L 450mm Dia X 4800mm Long Driven By 75 Kw-27Rpm With Hydraulic Scraper Auger Action Suitable For Vacuum Operation A Separate Drive Reciprocates The Screw To Keep It Wiped. With Control Panel
Item Ref: N5786-13
1000L S/S Jktd Vac Nauta Blender/Drier
Used Krauss Maffei Titus Nauta Conical Vacuum Blender / Dryer, Model Tmt1/200. Capacity 1 Cubic Meter. 35 Cubic Foot. Operating Pressure Vessel -1 / 3 Bar G @ 165 Degree C. Jacket Rated 6 Bar @ 165 Degree C. Screw 6 Bar @ 165 Degree C. Diameter Screw 200 mm. Rotational Speed Of Screw Blending / Drying 9.7 To 97 Rpm. Discharging Downwards 9.7 To 18 Rpm. Discharging Upwards 9.7 To 27 Rpm. Capacity Of Jacket 170 Liters. Screw Capacity 12 Liters. Vessel 316 Ti Stainless Steel. Screw Type 316L Stainless Steel. Main Drive Is 15 Hp 3/60/460 V Ul Class 1/2 Group C/D. Discharge Conveyor 3Hp 3/60/230-460V. Built 1985. Nb 144. Sn 10485-2.
Item Ref: RC1256-13
2000L S/S JKTD Vacuum Conical Littleford Mixer/Drier Model MBX525

All Stainless Steel Water Jacketed J H Day Littleford Conical mixer Drier Model MBX525. (CS) NAUTA type Conical mixer Drier Chamber Full Vacuum 250F with Stainless Steel Water Jacket. 2000mm dia x 2600mm deep. Overall height 3750mm. With domed welded lid with 610mm x 355mm manway, 2 off 150mm dia sight glasses, 90mm dia, 63mm dia , 50mm dia and 25mm dia inlets with 200mm dia bottom outlet.   Two lump breakers each driven by 7.5KW motor 380/3/50Ac. Main motor driving arm is 0.75KW 380/3/50Ac at 2.2 RPM. Motor for screw is 7.5KW 280/230/460/3/50Ac at 64RPM. (No legs)

Serial No 89328/56135. New 1993. Stainless Steel Control Cabinet. 


Item Ref: N10766-13
4000L S/S JKTD Vacuum Conical J.H. Day Mixer Model 1225MBX

All Stainless Steel Quality Steam/Water Jacketed Conical Vacuum Mixer made by J H Day Model 1225 MBX. Chamber 2490mm dia x 3510mm deep  Dish  bolted removable lid with various connections and 500mm dia removable manhole cover. Sprayball Two Lump Breakers each Driven by 7.5Kw  380/3/50Ac at 1465RPM. Main motor driving arm is 11KW 190/380/3/50Ac at 2.2RPM. Motor for screw is 1.5KW. 190/380/3/50Ac At 64 RPM. (No legs.) Tank Fullvac to 5 PSIG @ 353 degrees F, Jacket 125 PSIG @ 353 degrees F, Min jacket temp - 20 degrees F @ 125 PSIG.  Serial number 2099. New 1991. Stainless steel control panel. 

Item Ref: N10765-13
4000 L Simon M/S Rotary Steam Tube Drier
Mild Steel Drier 1120 X 1500 X 3970 M/M Long With 150 Auger Feed.With Continuous Type Rotary Tubular Flighted Agitator To Weir Discharge. Driven By 5.5 Kw Geared Motor
Item Ref: ND-12003-13
Buss 6000 L S/S Paddle Vacuum Drier
S/S 1600 Dia.X 4100 mm Long With Top Centre 460mm Dia Inlet. 2 X 120mm Dia. Sight Glasses With 240mm Dia. Centre Plug Valve Outlet. Dished Ends Each With 400 X 300mm Inspection Manway Doors. Vacuum Internally 2 Bar Jktd. Driven By 11 Kw 6 Rpm Fixed Gear Drived Motor Drive.
Item Ref: N7395-13
Buss 12000 L S/S Paddle Vacuum Drier
With M/S Jacket. 2200 Dia. X 4200 mm Long. 2 X 490mm, 1 X 450mm Inlets With 330 mm Dia. Outlet.End Manways. Overall 9.1 X 2.5 X 3.4 M High With 12/9Kw Flp 2 Speed Drive. Also Feed Col.With 2 Vac.Filter Cols.Discharge To Feeder& Granlator Duty Chamber Vac/2 Bar Jacket 2 Bar At 130 Deg.C Serial No: 5531 & No: 5533
Item Ref: N7596-13