Universities & Laboratories

Rigal Bennett offers to supply an increasing range of affordable Laboratory and Pilot process equipment for use in Universities & Laboratories, to suit your requirements today, stored on our site in Yorkshire, with a number of items of process plant ready for immediate use.

Our Laboratory and Pilot process equipment are used in a number applications: -  Bakery, Beverage, Building Materials,  Chemical, Confectionery, Dairy, Food Processing, Grain, Rubber & Plastic, Pharmaceutical, Paint, Recycling – Waste and associated industries.

Stock includes: Agitators, Autoclaves, Compressors, Centrifuges, Conveyors, Driers, Dust Collectors, Evaporators, Liquid, Paste & Powder Filling, Filters, Milling, Heat Exchangers, Environmental & Humidity Cabinets, Water Baths, Chromatography, Spectrophotometer, Viscometer, Physical Testing, plus lots more.

We at Rigal Bennett offer our customers the choice to either purchase process machinery on a “Sold As-Inspected basis” or sold “ASIS". = With basic inspection and dry run test. To allow our customers engineers to service and reuse.

For those without access to or time to use their own engineering facilities or contractors, we have a team of time-served apprentice trained engineers, able to fully service and restore our process equipment to extend its working life. As part of the service, we can assist with modifications to suit the new owner’s particular needs by reworking to suit a new working environment.

We say if its 70% right for application, we can alter the final 30% to suit our customers’ new working requirements.

We do offer part exchange, so you can trade in your surplus process equipment against the cost of a purchase.

We are experienced in moving process machinery around the globe, we are able to arrange packing and transportation to suit your requirements.

Offer us your surplus plant

Universities & Laboratories

Select Category

Sub Category Count
Horizontal 2
Vertical 6
Boilers & Heaters+-
Sub Category Count
Bubble Cap/Sieve Tray 5
Scrubbing 3
Sub Category Count
Complete Process Plants+-
Sub Category Count
Complete Process Plants 2
Process Lines 1
Sub Category Count
Air-Air Driers-Air Receivers 4
Compressor 2
Dust Collectors+-
Sub Category Count
Bag/Envelope 12
Reverse Jet/ Misc 8
Electrical Standard+-
Sub Category Count
Miscellaneous 3
Sub Category Count
Blower Fan 11
Low Pressure Fan 11
Roots Blower 4
Food Process+-
Sub Category Count
Confectionery 2
Dairy 8
Meat 2
Miscellaneous 3
Sub Category Count
Box Type 4
Miscellaneous 2
Grinders Dry+-
Grinders Wet+-
Heat Exchanger+-
Sub Category Count
Coiled Tube 20
Miscellaneous 7
plate-spiral 19
shell & tube 27
Sub Category Count
Flow Meter 4
Gas 1
Level control 1
Lab New+-
Lab New Parts+-
Sub Category Count
Oven 7
Sub Category Count
Baler 8
Raise/lower units 11
Sub Category Count
Miscellaneous 9
New Compressor+-
Sub Category Count
Air Receivers 3
Oil Free 3
Piston 4
Rotary Screw 3
New Driers+-
Sub Category Count
Production Ovens 14
New Drum Liquid Process+-
New Drum Powder Process+-
Sub Category Count
Tumble Mixers Drum 16
New Miscellaneous+-
Sub Category Count
New Parts Geared Motors+-
Sub Category Count
New Parts Motors+-
New Scales+-
Sub Category Count
Digital platform 12
New Sieves+-
Sub Category Count
Rotary 1
Vibratory 16
New Sieves Parts+-
Sub Category Count
Vibratory 36
Plastic Rubber+-
Sub Category Count
Miscellaneous 1
Pumps Vacuum+-
Sub Category Count
Dry 18
Liquid Ring 10
Miscellaneous 4
Oil Sealed 14
Reaction Vessel+-
Sub Category Count
Compressor 7
Flasks 5
Tunnel/Chamber 3
Sub Category Count
Digital platform 11
Scales platform 7
Weigher 2
Sub Category Count
Rotary 18
Vibratory 30
Tableting Equip+-
Sub Category Count
Coating Pans/Miscellaneous 7
Press 13
Tanks Heated+-
Tanks Pressure/Vacuum+-
Valves Liquid+-
Sub Category Count
3-way 7
Ball/Butterfly 14
Diaphragm 6
gate 3
Plug 6
Solenoid 16