Nauta Type

170 L Vertical Paddle Type Mixer S/S
Conical Stainless Steel Vessel 610 Dia. 1370 mm Deep With .75 Kw Variable Speed Fixed Position Agitator. Enclosed With 400 X 430 mm Inlet And 200 mm Outlet
Item Ref: N5080-10
250L S/S Nauta Mixer Type
Item Ref: 11468
750L M/S Refold Fountain Mixer

Mild Steel 1720mm dia x 650mm deep, with 1200mm deep cone with internal 200mm dia auger agitator with 4 Kw belt drive 144 Rpm , with feed hopper 400mm x 750mm x 610mm deep mounted on a mild steel frame to 1170mm feed height, overall size 1800mm x 1330mm x 3400mm tall

Item Ref: N10879-10
1,000L S/S Nauta Mixer type MBX-10
Stainless Steel Nauta Mixer 1,600mm dia x 2,200mm deep cone with 180mm dia hand operated outlet valve. Stainless Steel lid with 470mm x 280mm charge port.  Mild steel planatery arm and stainless steel auger mixer with 3 kW & 0.37 kW drives
Overall size 1,800mm x 1,800mm x 3,500mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12247-10
1,000L New S/S Conical Powder Mixer
Stainless Steel Cone with Orbital Screw Mixer 1,780 mm dia x 2,200 mm give total volume 1,500L working volume 1,000L with 300 mm dia in/outlet. 11 kw & 1.1 kw drives. overall size 2,850 mm
Item Ref: ND-12727-10
1,250L S/S Nauta Mixer
Stainless Steel Nauta Mixer with Orbital Mixer Screw 1,800mm Dia X 2,200mm Tall with 240mm X 200mm Outlet Top with 300mm and 210mm Dia Inlets with 3 kW & 1.1 kW Geared Drive Motors Number 17150 Ref: 707621 job no: B843301
Overall Size 2,000mm X 2,000mm X 3,600mm Tall. [Part of gear drive missing not included in the ASIS price]
Item Ref: N10301-10
2,000L S/S Verico Mixer
Stainless steel Verico Mixer with Plantery  Mixing Arm with Stainless Steel Auger Chamber 1,800 mm dia x 3,000 mm deep
Item Ref: ND-13297-10
2,300 L S/Barron S/S Fountain Blender
Simon Barron Stainless Steel Blender 1,220 Dia. 3,050mm Tall, Central Mixing Screw, 7.5 Kw Drive.
Overall Size 1,600mm X 1,600mm X 4,400mm Tall
Item Ref: N5490-10
3,000L S/S Conical Nauta Type Mixer HV-3000 Enc

Stainless Steel Chamber 2,292mm dia x 3,200mm deep with pintle bearing support for the auger, with bottom discharge valve 5.5 kW arm 2 rpm Auger screw 60 rpm

Item Ref: 11428
7,000L Vrieco S/S Mixer Type S70 Kv-2.5
Stainless Steel Vrieco Cone Mixer with Orbital Mixer Screw 3,000mm Dia X 4,680mm Deep Outlet 250mm X 250mm
Item Ref: RC1242-10
9800 L Jenkins Proderite Orbital Mixer
Mild Steel Proderite Lined Conical Orbital Mixer With 10 Ton Nominal Capacity With Stainless Steel Screw Augwer, 15 Kw Drive, Maximum Cone Diameter 3660 mm Overall Height 7010 mm
Item Ref: N5572-10
9800 L Vrieco Mixer M/S Orbital Type
Conical Orbital Mixer Type S100 Av1 With 10 Ton Nominal Capacity. Cone Dimensions 3430 Dia. 4880 mm Deep With 11 Kw Base Drive To Screw And 1.1Kw Drive To Orbit Arm
Item Ref: N6105-10