Clextral M/S Extrusion Line type 45 22 kw
Item Ref: ND-13628-09
La Pouniginana D55TE Single Screw Pasta Extruder S/S

Stainless Steel single screw extruder 55mm dia x 250mm long with removable auger for cleaning  with 25L stainless steel feed hopper 340mm x 230mm x 360mm deep.  Overall size 880mm x 440mm x 1460mm tall

Item Ref: N10758-24
Gladstone SS Super Pugmill Extruder G75
Stainless Steel Jacketed Superpug Mill Designed to Masticate and Extrude Product Chamber 2 Off 75 mm Dia Augers X 750 mm Long Chamber Feed 250 mm X 150 mm with 60 mm Dia Discharge Point to fit Extruder Profile.   Adjustable Heat Source to Both Extruder Body and Discharge Cone with 5.5 kW 18 Rpm Geared Drive Motor with Inverter Speed Control.   Overall size of unit 750 mm X 1,800 mm X 1,700 mm Tall.
Item Ref: RC1328-09
William Boulton Pug Mill M/S 100Mm Dia
Extruder Type 100mm Pug 2 Stage.130mm.X 175mm.Mixer Feed.125mm.X 125mm.Extruder Feed With 100mm.Dia Auger.1.5 Kw Variable Speed Drive.
Item Ref: N8358-09
BCH JKTD Horizontal Auger Screw Extruder 120 mm dia x 2000 mm long
Stainless Steel Jacketed Horizontal Auger Single Screw Extruder 120 mm dia x 2,000 mm long with side extrusion plate 610 mm x 60 mm. Inlet 300 mm x 300 mm   with aprox 15 kw variable speed drive 10 to 140 rpm mounted on trolley base. Overall size 2,400 mm x 1,800 mm x 1,800 mm tall

Item Ref: ND-13507-09
William Boulton Screw Extruder Junior Da
Mild Steel Single Screw 125mm Dia.Mixer Feed 125mm.X 175mm. 125mm.X 175mm. Extruder Feed 75mm.Extruder Head With 1.5 Kw Variable Speed Gear Drive
Item Ref: N8359-09
Wenger Lx25 S/S Single Screw Extruder
Stainless Steel Extruder/Cooker 130mm Dia X 1100mm Long With 180mm X 120mm Feed With 5 Off Heat/Cooling Jacket Zones. With Centre Auger Cored For Heating/Cooling. Unit Thru To 200mm Dia Vertical Discharge With Rotary Extruder Cutter Plate. Driven By 11Kw 58-249 Rpm Drive. Mounted On Structure With An Overall Size Of 3000mm X1500mm X 2000mm Tall. Serial Number:  8912 - 9294
Item Ref: N9972-09
Nuova Euromec Twin Screw Extruder 70/Fs
Stainless Steel body with Nylon Twin Screws 160mm dia X 1,000mm Long.  Fed by 2 Off 110mm dia X 400mm Face Cutter Rotors to Feed Main Extruder.  Driven by 35 kW drive. Water Cooled Jacket with 150mm X 100mm Cutter.                        Unit  currently fitted with a 90mm X 45mm dischargeplate.
Overall size 2,400mm X 1,400mm X 1,750mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9517-09
Extrud-O-Mix M/S Jktd 150 Dia X 460Mm
Mild Steel Single Screw Mixer Extruder 150 mm Dia X 460mm Long Screw, 75 X 100 mm Feed Port With 7.5Kw Drive Motor.
Item Ref: N6832-09
Twin Screw Baker Perkins Mixer/Extruder
Stainless Steel Jacketed. Main Rotor Mixer 170mm Dia X 1800mm Long . Chamber Dims 340mm Wide X 180mm Tall X 1800mm Long. 5.5Kw 74 Rpm Gear Drive To Twin Screw Cross Feed Extruder Head Mounted At 90 Degrees With 70mm Dia X 850mm Long Rotors. Chamber 140mm Wide X 70mm Deep X 850mm Long With 0.75Kw 103 Rpm Drive. Unit With 180mm X 200mm Inlet And 100mm Dia Outlet. Jacket W.P. 35 Psi. T.P. 50 Psi. Overall Size 3200mm X 1300mm X 1150mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9301-24
Oakes Continuous Mixer Model 8D/45/6
Stainless Steel 200mm Dia X 1740mm Long With Interrupted Flights And Static Teeth Plates. Jacketed For 730mm With 200mm Dia Inlet And 200mm X 300mm Outlet. Overall Size 1100mm X 3600mm X 2000mm Tall With 13/41Kw 1440/480 Rpm Ac Comutator Variable Speed Gear Drive. Made By E.T. Oakes Corp
Item Ref: N8742-09