Pin & Pug Mixer

40L Weldon Pin Mixer M/S
Mild Steel 370mm Dia X 550mm Face With 200mm X 250mm Inlet. With 63mm Dia Bottom Centre Outlet. Mounted On 550mm Frame. Driven By 2.2Kw 140 Rpm Gear Drive. Overall Size 1000mm X 1000mm X 1200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9378-10
180L Weldon M/S 'T' Arm Mixer
Mild Steel Un-Used 610mm Dia X 910mm Face With 460mm X 460mm Inlet With 50mm Outlet. Mounted On Legs To Give 650mm Ground Clearance. Currently Bare Shafted. 3Kw To 120 Rpm.
Item Ref: N9374-10
350L Weldon Pin Mixer M/S
Mild Steel 810mm Dia X 1020mm Face With 510mmx 410mm Inlet With 50mm Bsp Outlet. Mounted With 800mm Ground Clearance With 7.5Kw Gear Drive 120 Rpm. Overall Size 2000mm X 1400mm X 1900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9377-10
390 L S/S Heavy Duty Paddle Paste Mixer
Stainless Steel 910 Dia X 910 mm Face With Plough & Paddle Agitator Blades. Top With 125, 63 & 3 X 25 mm Bsp Inlets & 450 X 280 mm Manway With Bottom 100 mm Dia Outlet. Driven By 4 Kw 28 Rpm Gear Drive. Made By J.W. Welch.
Item Ref: N7831-09
400 L M/S Weldon Pin Mixer - Item 37
Mild Steel chamber 800 mm Dia x 1,050 mm Face with pin mixer arms and aprox 5.5 Kw Belt drive
Item Ref: ND-11624-09
600 L M/S Weldon Pin Mixer - Item 38
Mild Steel Pin Mixer with 930 mm dia x 1270mm face with 7.5 Kw belt drive
Item Ref: ND-11625-09
650L Weldon T-Arm Mixer M/S
Mild Steel 975mm Dia X 1300mm Long With T-Arms. 430mm X 260mm Inlet With 50mm Bsp Outlet. Mounted To Give 800mm Ground Clearance. 7.5Kw 60 Rpm Drive. Overall Size 2800mm X 1200mm X 2100mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9380-10
700L Morton T-Arm Mixer
Mild Steel 1000mm Dia X 1450mm Tall X 1400mm Face With 16 Off T-Arms. 460mm Inlet. 75mm Outlet. Driven By 7.5Kw 60 Rpm Gear Drive. Overall Size 2500mm X 2000mm X 1450mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9382-10
1400L Morton T-Arm Jktd Mixer
Mild Steel 1200mm Dia X 1900mm Face With 22 Off T-Arms. Top 460mm Dia Inlet With 100mm Dia Outlet. 15Kw 60 Rpm Drive.
Item Ref: N9381-10