S/S Heated 1/2 coiled

520 L S/S Limpet Coiled Reactor, Flp
Stainless Steel Vessel 800 Dia X 1050mm Tall. Dish Top/Bottom To 40mmoutlet.Top With 2 X 100mm Sight Glasses. 2 X 32mm Dia,7 X 25mm Dia. 1.1 Kw 94 Rpm Turbine Stirrer Exd.Mech.Seal.Chamber 3 Bar/Full Vac.Internal Coil,Limpet Coil 3Bar Wp. Internal Coil 10 Turns Of 25mm Dia S/S Coil To Give 3 Sq.M Surface Area.
Item Ref: N8480-01
725 L S/S Half Coiled Reactor Flp
1420 Dia X 460 mm Deep On Side With Dished Top & Bottom With 50 mm Outlet. Top Connections 530, 300, 100,5 X 50 mm & Two Sight Glasses. Turbine Agitatator 0.37 Kw 144 Rpm With Mech. Seal. Wg Pressures 150 Psi Half Coil 30 Psi Internal
Item Ref: N6296-01
1000 L S/S Jacketed Reactor Flp Turbine
1220 Dia X 840 mm Deep With Dished Bottom To 50 mm Outlet. Bolt On Top With 300 250, 2 X 75 mm & 4 X 50 mm Inlets & 2 Sight Glasses. 4 Kw 250 Rpm Turbine Stirrer. Working Pressures 30 Psi Vessel, 45 Psi Mild Steel Jacket.
Item Ref: N6900-01
1250L S/S Half Coil Reactor
Stainless Steel Chamber 1200mm Dia X 1200mm Deep. Dish Top With 200mm Dia Inspection Port 2 Off 80mm Fia 2 Off 38mm Dia Inlets Dish Bottom With 100mm Dia Outlet With 4 Off Side Support Pads Fitted With Centre Paddle Agitator Made By Afred Bolz Chamber Atmos Stainless Steel 1/2 Coil 4 Bar Working Pressure Temp 150 Deg.C.
Item Ref: N9920-01
2,000L S/S 1/2 coiled New Reactor
Stainless steel 316L Chamber with Stainless Steel 304L 1/2 coil limpet jacket 1,400 mm dia x 1,300 mm deep. Dish top & bottom  chamber rated -1 to +3 bar 1/2 coil jacket +13 bar -10 to +200 deg.C.  Fitted with 5.5 kw FLP paddle stirrer.  
Item Ref: ND-12779-01
2050 L S/S Limpet Coiled Reactor
1220 Dia X 1680 mm Deep On Side With Dished Top And Bottom, 2 X 75 And 2 X 50 Outlets 2 Sight Glasses On Top, 50 mm Bottom Outlet.
Item Ref: N5583-01
2,250 L Incoloy 825 1/2 coiled JKTD Reactor
Incoloy 825 (2.4858) Reactor Incoloy 825 (2.4858) Reactor with 316 SS internal and external 1/2 coil jacket . Chamber rated 1 bar & Full Vacuum, coil pressure tested 6.12 bar 190 degrees C.
Top with 450mm dia manway, 250mm dia,  200mm dia , 150mm dia & 8 off 50mm dia inlets, with 75mm dia bottom outlet. Made by Quest International Ltd.
Item Ref: ND-11991-01
3,000L S/S J. Serra Scrape Anchor Reactor
Stainless steel with 1/2 coil jacket.   Scraped surface mixing vessel 1,700mm dia X 1,400mm d eep. Dish Top and Bottom with 50mm dia outlet. Center mounted anchor gate stirrer 15 kW Variable speed drive 10 to 70 rpm and Off-Center 30 kW
1,460 rpm Sawtooth Dispersion Disc Mixer. Chamber 1 Bar/Full Vac. Stainless Steel 1/2 Coil Jacket 5 Bar W.P. Lid with 450mm Dia Manway and 4 off 40mm dia inlet connections. Unit mounted in with mild steel hydraulic frame to Raise/Lower Stainless Steel Lid for cleaning. Overall size 2,600mm X 2,400mm X 4,000mm Tall. Stainless Steel 316 grade.
Item Ref: N9832-01
5,000L S/S J. Serra Anchor Scrape Mixer
Stainless Steel with 1/2 Coil Jacket with S/S Chamber 1,900mm dia X 1,800mm Deep. Dish Top and Bottom to 50mm dia Outlet. With 450mm dia Manway, 3 Off 50mm Inlets with Sight Glass. With Outer Scraped Anchor and Inner Off-Center Continuous Worm Screw 280mm Dia.  Both driven by 12.5 kW 93 rpm Geared Drive   Made by J. Serra. Chamber Working Pressure 2 Bar, 1/2 Coil Jacket Working Pressure 2 Bar.
Item Ref: N9834-01
5,000L S/S 1/2 coiled New Reactor
Stainless steel 316L Chamber with Stainless Steel 304L 1/2 coil limpet jacket 1,800 mm dia x 2,000 mm deep. Dish top & bottom  chamber rated -1 to +3 bar 1/2 coil jacket +13 bar -10 to +200 deg.C.  Fitted with 7.5 kw FLP paddle stirrer.  
Item Ref: ND-12780-01
5,000L S/S 1/2 Coil Reactor
Stainless Steel 1/2 coiled reactor 1,600 mm dia x 2,600 mm deep dish top & bottom with 70 mm dia centre outlet. top with 460 mm dia manway, 210 mm dia inlet 150 mm dia inlet and 200 mm dia sight glass port off centre mount to  suit a sawtooth stirrer [requires a motor about 22 kw 1440 rpm ] mounted on 3 stainless steel legs to give about 400 mm ground clearance over all height 4,400 mm made by  De Rijk Roestvrijstalen Apparatenbouw B.V. Machine number 1910 Test Pressure 10.3 Bar, Working Pressure 3.5 Bar
Item Ref: ND-12667-01
6,660L S/S JKTD Reactor 17.5 kW
Stainless Steel [1.4435] Reactor chamber  2,200mm x 2,120mm deep Dish Top & Bottom Dished top, with 500mm dia + 9 connections  80mm dia bottom outlet. Working pressure vac/3.2bar, Test pressure 4.8 bar max. temp -20/+250 deg. C with half coil jacket. Working pressure 16 bar, Test pressure 25 bar 17.5 kW EX  v speed stirrer made by Spiess.  Overall size 2,500mm x 2,500mm x 5,700mm tall made by Hagemann GmbH 
Item Ref: ND-11968-01
7000 L S/S Vert. Limpet Coiled Reactor
Stainless Steel Reactor 2000 M/M Dia 2200 M/M Tall Dish Top & Bottom Skirt Mounted To 50 M/M Outlet Top With 400 250 & 2 X 150 M/M Inlets.Half Coiled Jktd 6 Turns Of 50mm Radius Tube 1.5 Kw 120 Rpm Stirrer Exd Made By Butterfield 1976. 7.5 Bar Tp 4 Bar Wp
Item Ref: N8308-01
9,500L S/S JKTD Reactor 15 kW EEK
Stainless Steel 316L with Stainless Steel 1/2 Coil jacket 304 Chamber 2,320mm dia x 2,250mm deep dish top & bottom top with 450mm dia x 400 mm dia.  100mm dia sight glass.  Various inlets - 150mm dia inlets bottom outlet. Chamber Working pressure 3 bar/ Full Vac. 1/2 coil Jacket. Working pressure 13 bar  0/+200 deg. C with 15 kW 22 rpm Gate stirrer Mech Seal. Unused.
Item Ref: ND-11971-01
11,000L S/S 1/2 coiled New Reactor
Stainless steel 316L Chamber with Stainless Steel 304L 1/2 coil limpet jacket 2,370 mm dia x 2,500 mm deep. Dish top & bottom  chamber rated -1 to +3 bar 1/2 coil jacket +13 bar -10 to +200 deg.C.  Fitted with 15 kw FLP paddle stirrer.  
Item Ref: ND-12781-01
15,000L S/S 1/2 Coiled Reactors 45 kW
Stainless Steel 316 grade chamber 2,300mm dia x 3,530mm deep dish top and bottom.  Top with 500mm dia manway, 250mm dia, 2 off 150mm dia, 2 off 100mm, dia 2 off 75mm dia, 2 off  50mm dia, 25mm dia, with 150mm dia bottom outlet. With center mounted 45 kW  48 rpm Eexdiib T4 Motor made by Curtis Mixer.  Model CM-5065-4220-A-9-97 packed gland seal with 2 off four bladed angle paddles. Internal operating pressure 3.6 Bar/Full Vac Test pressure 6.5 Bar. External 1/2 coil operating pressure 6.5 Bar Test pressure 8.9 Bar. External. 165 deg. C built to CAT BS5500 Cat 2 1991   
Item Ref: ND-11983-01
18,400L S/S Limpet Coil Reactor
Stainless Steel Limpet Coil Reactor 2810mm Dia X 2960mm Deep. Dish Top And Bottom with 80 mm dia bottom outlet. Top 600 mm dia Manway various Inlet connections Chamber D.P. 5 Bar/Full Vac, Operating Atmosphere, T.P. 9.8 Bar, Outer Limpet 1/2 Coil D.P. 8 Bar/Full Vac, T.P. 16 Bar.@250 Deg.C .  with with 3 sections base coil & two side coil section With 15 kw 468 rpm turbine stirrer [ Stirrer blades are missing can be supplied at extra cost] Made by Ardeth Engineering, With 4 off side support Pads   (New & Unused)
Item Ref: NS0076-01
20,000L S/S Fermentation Mixer

Stainless Steel 2,600mm dia x 4,000mm tall with 500mm deep dish top and bottom with 50mm dia outlet mounted on 4 legs to give 360mm ground clearance.

Top with 520mm dia manway 2 off 50mm Dia inlets with 6 turns of internal 50mm dia coil approx 6.sq.m with 1.5 kW 30 rpm Transkem paddle stirrer overall height 6,200mm

Robert we think 6-10 bar in the tubes and 2.5 sg  this was used on a yeast fermentation process  as for cost i can offer at £23k 

Item Ref: N10751-07
45,000L S/S Limpet Coiled Reactor
Stainless Steel 316L with S/S Limpet Coils Chamber 3,050 dia X 5,180mm S/S with Dished Bottom to 150mm dia Outlet & Dished Top 610mm dia Manway Top 6 Off 150mm dia Inlets 1 Off 100mm dia Inlet Connection with Top Center Port for Agitator. Reactor Body Overall Height 6,575mm Tall mounted on legs to give 2,100mm Ground Clearance  Or an overall height of 8,740mm 45 Psi Internal 90 Psi In Limpet Coil extra for agitator depends on specification.
Item Ref: N7088-01