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760L Polyethylene Vertical Mixing Tank 0.37 kW
760L Polyethylene Vertical Mixing Tank 0.37 kW
Polyethylene Vertical Mixing Tank 960mm dia x 1,050mm deep with cone bottom to 70mm dia BSP outlet.  Bolt on top with 200mm dia inspection port and 2 off 38mm dia inlets, 0.37 kW Paddle Stirrer. Mounted on support legs to give brim height of 1,425mm.

Item Ref: ND-12122-02
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820 L S/S Enclosed Mixer
Stainless Steel Vessel 1000 mm Dia 800 mm On Straight Dished Top & Bottom 460 mm Dia Manway With Lid.25 mm Top Connection And Fitted With R/B Cm57a Air Stirrer With Twin 100 mm Dia Propellors.25 mm Dia Bottom Outlet.Mounted With Fork Lift Runners & Fitted With Casters
Item Ref: S9564-02
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890L S/S Open Top Vertical Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Open Top Vertical Mixing Tank 1,160 mm dia x 840 mm deep with flat sloping bottom to 19 mm dia outlet mounted on 4 mild steel legs to give 250 mm ground clearance,  with 1  off Side entry & 1 off bottom entry 0.37 kW 300 RPM marine stirrer. overall size 1,600 mm x 1,220 mm x 1,420 mm tall. 
Item Ref: ND-12587-02
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900L S/S Open Top Tank
Stainless Steel 1220mm Dia X 800mm Deep To Dish Bottom With 40mm Dia Flanged Outlet. Mounted On 3 Off Legs To Give 600mm Ground Clearance With Side 32mm Dia And 25mm Bsp Connections. Stainless Steel Bridge With 0.75Kw 340 R.P.M Flange Mounted Mixer With S/S Shaft & Prop. Tank Rim Fitted With Spray/Sparg Ring To Suit Was Or Charging.
Item Ref: S9707-02
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900 L Grp Mixing Tank
1070 mm Dia. 1060 mm Deep With Flat Bottom To 50 mm Bottom Outlet. .75 Kw 38 Rpm Scrape Bottom Stirrer. Standing On 3 Legs.
Item Ref: N7953-02
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900 L S/S Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Tank 1100 mm Dia. 1180 mm On Straight With Coned Bottom To 50 mm Outlet. Standing On 3 Legs Giving 350 mm Ground Clearance.
Item Ref: S8809-02
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950 L S/S Open Top Water Jktd Mixer
Stainless Steel Tank With Mild Steel Water Jkt Clad In S/S 1300 M/M Dia 750 M/M Deep With Sloping Bottom To 38 M/M Outlet.Mounted On 4 Legs Giving 500 M/M Ground Clearance.S/S Bridge With 0.75 Kw 65 Rpm 1 Ph Paddle Stirrer
Item Ref: N8326-01
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1,000L S/S Anchor Stirrer Mixer
Stainless Steel with M/S Bolt on Jacket 1,200 mm X 1,150 mm Deep with Hemispherical Base to 75 mm Dia Outlet. 2.2 kW 49 Rpm Anchor Stirrer.   Mounted on Four Legs to give 500 mm Ground Clearance.  Jacket suitable for 20 Psi W.P.   Chamber Lid with Various Connections.
Item Ref: N8761-01
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1000L S/S Mixing Tank 0.75 Kw
Stainless Steel 145 mm  X 950 mm Deep With A Flat Sloping Bottom To 40 mm Dia Outlet. Mounted On 4 Stub Legs To Give 380 mm Ground Clearance. Cone Top Fitted With 420 mm Inspection Port With Hinged Lid. 40 mm Dia Inlet 3 Off 19 mm Dia Inlets. Fitted With 0.75 Kw 350-1750 Rpm Ekato Marine Stirrer. Overall Size 1370 mm X 1600 mm Tall Tank With 750 mm Tall Stirrer.
Item Ref: N10462-01
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1000L S/S Enc Mixing Tank 0.33Kw
Stainless Steel Mixing Tank 1100mm Dia X 1200mm Deep With 150mm Deep Cone To 50mm Outlet. Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 400mm Ground Clearance. Also To Give 1900mm Charge Height To Tank Flange. Overall Height 2350mm. Fitted With 0.33Kw 136 Rpm Flp Turbine Stirrer
Item Ref: N10583-02
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1,000L S/S Electrically Heated Mixer/Hot Well Tank
Stainless Steel Tank 1,070mm dia x 1,000mm deep with dish bottom to 38mm dia outlet mounted on 4 legs to give 300mm ground clearance. with a Stainless Steel Bridge and lid hinged at 1/3 with 0.55 kW 30 rpm Paddle Stirrer overall height 2,200mm. Made by William Fairclough.
Item Ref: ND-12199-01
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1000L S/S BHR Group-Chemineer Nimix Liquiverter 2.2Kw
Stainless Steel BHR Group-Chemineer Nimix Liquiverter type mixer chamber 1200mm dia x 900mm deep cone bottom with 50mm dia outlet mounted on portable frame to give 910mm ground clearance from the outlet with under driven 2.2 Kw 7 to 95 Rpm base mounted stirrer. overall size 1200mm x 1200mm x 2750mm Tall
Item Ref: N10947-02
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