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225L S/S Jktd Rotosolver Mixer 5.5 kW Flp
Stainless Steel Jktd Mixing Tank 600mm Dia X 8,400 Deep Dish Bottom to 32mm Dia Outlet Mounted On Three Legs to give 210mm Ground Clearance Height To Tank and Bridge 1,330mm
Made by Benson Sedgewick. Chamber Atmospheric Jacket 6 Bar D.P. T.P 9 Bar with Bridge Mounted Rotosolver 5.5 kW 950 rpm Flp Eexd Iib T4 Motor
Overall Height 2,480mm
Item Ref: N10542-01
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225L Giusti S/S Scraped Mixer
Stainless Steel Scraped Tilting Mixer 800mm Dia X 920mm Full Depth with Hemispherical Bottom to 75mm Dia Outlet with Horizontally Mounted Scraped Agitator 1.5 kW 30 rpm.
Mounted on S/S Frame 1,400mm X 1,600mm X 1,440mm Tall   Closed 1,900mm   Open Height with Hand Hydraulic Tilt for Cleaning.
Made by Giusti   Test Pressure 8.25 Bar  Working Pressure 5.5 Bar.
Item Ref: S10029-01
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230L S/S JKTD Mixer 0.75 kW

Stainless Steel Chamber with Mild Steel Jacket 610mm dia x 800mm deep with dish top and bottom to 38mm dia outlet. Top with 150mm dia, 75mm dia, 2 off 38mm dia inlets with 0.75KkW 150 rpm Marine Stirrer.

Item Ref: N10762-01
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250L Apv S/S Liquiverter Type Tb250
Stainless Steel Chamber 710mm X 710mm X 500mm Deep With 250mm Deep Cone To 40mm Tangential Outlet Mounted On Frame And Legs To Give 600mm Ground Clearence. With Under Driven 11Kw Rotor 150mm Dia Top With 500mm Manway 93mm Dia 50mm And 40mm Dia Inlets Rjt Overall Size 1600mm X 800mm 1550mm Tall
Item Ref: N10461-02
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250L S/S Hemispherical Jktd Mixer Pan

Stainless Steel Hemispherical Jacketed Pan 760mm Dia X 720mm Deep to 32mm Dia Bottom Outlet. With Hinged Lid fitted with 0.75 kW 412 rpm Marine Stirrer

Overall Height 1,030mm Tall.  Made by Apv  Jacket Test Pressure 32 Psi Working Pressure 40 Psi.

Item Ref: N10320-01
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250L S/S Tourell C/Rotating Scrape Mixer
Stainless Steel with Mild Steel Jacket 800mm Dia X 640mm Deep. Hemispherical Pan to 50mm Dia Bottom Outlet with S/S Lid Hinged at One-Third with 4 kW Drive. Overall size 1,500mm X 2,000mm X 1,900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9128-01
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250L S/S Jktd Scraped Surface Mixer 0.75 kW
Stainless Steel with Mild Steel Jacket with outer 50 mm dia rockwool insulation and stainless steel outer cladding 680mm Dia X 720mm Deep. Dish Bottom to 38mm Dia Outlet. Mounted on 4 Legs to give 300mm Ground Clearance. With 0.75 kW 30 rpm Stainless Steel Anchor Stirrer profiled to suit with PTFE hinged scrapers.
Item Ref: N8643-01
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260L S/S Jktd Scraped Anchor Mixer 1.1 kW
Stainless Steel Water Jacketed Zero Pressure. 620mm Dia X 860mm Deep. Dish Bottom to 50mm Iss Outlet. Mounted on 4 Legs to give 150mm Ground Clearance. With Scraped Anchor Stirrer 1.1 kW 70 Rpm with Croft Box size F13. Overall size 1,200mm X 1,200mm X 2,400mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9115-01
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265L S/S Jktd Mixer 1.1 kW
Stainless Steel with Mild Steel Jacket 610mm Dia X 980mm Deep. Cone Bottom 250mm Deep to 40mm Dia Outlet. 3 Off Internal S/S Baffles. Mild Steel Bridge. S/S Lid. Side Mounting Pads. 1.1 kW  300 rpm Turbine Stirrer.
Overall size 2,500mm.
Item Ref: N9980-01
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275 L Elect. Heated S/S Jktd Mixing Pans
Stainless Steel Pan 830 mm Dia, 530 mm Deep With Dished Bottom. No Outlet. 0.75 Kw Lightnin Geared Stirrer With Shaft And Propeller Electrically Heated Water Jacket
Item Ref: S9681-01
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300L S & W Scrape Surface JKTD Hemispherical Tilting Pan
Stainless Steel jacketed hemispherical tilting pan with anchor scraped stirrer 950mm Dia X 670mm with 2.2 kW geared motor mounted on stainless steel frame with hand hydraulic pump to lift stirrer frame and it tilt pan for discharge.  Made by S & W test pressure 165 P.S.I
Overall size 2,700mm X 1,500mm X 2,000mm tall  closed open about 3,000mm
Item Ref: ND-11606-01
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325 L S/S Jktd Scraped Tilting Mixer
Stainless Steel Tilting Mixer 830mm Dia 600mm On Straight with Dished Bottom. Mild Steel Pressure Jacket. 75 kW  12 Rpm Geared Drive.
Item Ref: S8813-01
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