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95L S/S Enclosed Mixer 2.2Kw
Stainless Steel 500mm Dia X 550mm Tall With 75mm Bottom Outlet. With Underdriven 2.2Kw 46 Rpm Paddle Stirrer.
Item Ref: N9766-02
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130 L S/S Mixer With Slow Speed Mixer
Stainless Steel Mixer 530 mm Dia 600 mm On Straight With Dished Bottom To 25 mm Outlet. .25 Kw 26 Rpm Slow Speed Stirrer.Standing In Mild Steel Frame With 4 Legs Painted White.
Item Ref: S8800-02
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220 L S/S Enclosed Mixer
810 Dia X 460 mm On Side With Dished Bottom To 50 mm Outlet. Dished Top With Various Connections And Sight Glass 35 Rpm Offset Geared Mixer
Item Ref: N5864-02
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250L Apv S/S Liquiverter Type Tb250
Stainless Steel Chamber 710mm X 710mm X 500mm Deep With 250mm Deep Cone To 40mm Tangential Outlet Mounted On Frame And Legs To Give 600mm Ground Clearence. With Under Driven 11Kw Rotor 150mm Dia Top With 500mm Manway 93mm Dia 50mm And 40mm Dia Inlets Rjt Overall Size 1600mm X 800mm 1550mm Tall
Item Ref: N10461-02
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360 L S/S Tank With Mixer
760 Dia X 910 mm Deep With Flat Bottom To 25 mm Outlet. Skirt Band Mounted. Hinged Lid. 0.2Kw 920 Stirrer.
Item Ref: S8165-02
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500L Black Polypropylene Vertical Enclosed Mixing Tank 0.18 kW
Item Ref: ND-12029-02
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500 L S/S Mixer
890 mm Dia 900 mm Deep On Skirt Band With Angled Bottom To 25 mm Outlet. 90 Rpm Stirrer. Mounted On Stand Giving 800 mm Clearance To Outlet.
Item Ref: S8166-02
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500L S/S Jktd Mixer
Stainless Steel Mixer 900mm Dia X 850mm Deep With Sloping Bottom To 38mm Rjt Outlet. 1.8Kw Lightnin Mixer With S/S Shaft And Propellor 200mm Dia. Standing On Stub Legs. Lagged And Sheeted In Plastic.
Item Ref: S9421-02
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500L S/S Vert Enc Mixer Tank 0.25Kw

Stainless Steel Vertical Enclosed Mixer Tank 700mm Dia x 1400mm Deep.  Dish bottom to 38 mm dia RJT outlet. Mounted on S/S table with 4 legs to give 400mm ground clearance. With S/S bolt removable lid hinged 1/3. with 0.25 Kw  820 RPM Lightnin M5P 256 marine type mixer.  Overall size 1200mm x 800mm x 2600mm tall

Item Ref: N10785-01
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540 L Glass Lined Mixer
Glass Lined Mixer 1120 Dia X 660 mm Deep Fitted With High Speed Stirrer,0.55 Kw 1440 Rpm With Marine Impellor,Mounted On Mild Steel Frame.
Item Ref: N4050-02
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600 L S/S Vertical Mixer Tank 0.75Kw
Stainless Steel Vertical Mixer Tank 910 mm Dia x 910 mm deep with dish bottom to 63 mm dia outlet. Skirt mounted  mild steel base to give 360 mm ground clearance. with Mild Steel Bridge to suit Joshua Greaves FGM 1/2  0.75 Kw 320 Rpm Marine Stirrer overall Height 2500 mm tall.  
Item Ref: ND-11852-02
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760L Polyethylene Vertical Mixing Tank 0.37 kW
760L Polyethylene Vertical Mixing Tank 0.37 kW
Polyethylene Vertical Mixing Tank 960mm dia x 1,050mm deep with cone bottom to 70mm dia BSP outlet.  Bolt on top with 200mm dia inspection port and 2 off 38mm dia inlets, 0.37 kW Paddle Stirrer. Mounted on support legs to give brim height of 1,425mm.

Item Ref: ND-12122-02
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