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1800L S/S Dimple Jacketed Mixer
Stainless Steel Dimple Jktd Mixer 1220mm Dia X 1520mm Deep. Dish Bottom To 2 Off 80mm Dia Bottom Outlets. Bolt Removable Dish Top With 3 Off 63 mm Dia, 2 Off 50mm Dia Inlets With Centre Mounted 5.5 Kw 120 Rpm Turbine Stirrer
Item Ref: N10403-01
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1800 L S/S Electrically Heated Mixer
Stainless Steel Vessel 1020 M/M Dia 2440 M/M Deep With 2 Immersion Heaters & Paddle Agitator,4 Kw 68 Rpm.Previous Use For Melting Wax At 200 Deg C.Dished Top With 100 & 50 M/M Inlets.Dished Bottom To 50 M/M Outlet
Item Ref: N5886-01
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2000L S/S Jktd Enc Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel 1100mm Dia X 2350mm Deep With Side 1000mm Deep Jacket On Base Of Cylinder With Flat Sloping Bottom To 38mm Dia Bottom Outlet. Top With 760mm X 440mm Hinged Manway And Vent. Top With 100mm Dia And 75mm Dia Inlets. With Joshua Greaves 0.55Kw 280 Rpm Marine Stirrer Fitted With Bottom Entry Shearhead Mixer Made By Vortex Type Be.S 5.5Kw 2800 Rpm Flp Drive. Vessel Fitted With 4 Off Side Pads Mounted 1700mm From Base. Overall Height Of Mixer 3800mm.
Item Ref: N9440-01
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2,500 L Alltech Dosieranlagen Twin Chamber Continufloc 2000
Rectangular Polypropylene Twin Chamber holding tank 1,000 mm x 1,250 mm x 1,100 mm deep with 2 off 0.75 Kw 82 RPM Paddle Stirrers each with s/s Shaft aprox 910 mm long with two off 510 mm dia paddles. With pump and control systems to give flow rates of up to 3,000 LPH at 3 Bar over all size 1,100 mm x 2,700 mm x 2,200 tall
Item Ref: ND-12176-02
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2,000L TMI Autofloc feed & Mixing station

With  GRP Rectangular Mixing Tank 1,500 mm x 1,200 mm x 1,300 mm Mixer Tank with Stainless Steel Paddle Stirrer, Feed & Discharge Pumps, Flow Meters and Controls
Item Ref: ND-12179-02
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2000 L S/S Mixer 0.75 Kw 1400 Rpm
Stainless Steel Vessel 1530mm.Dia 1220mm.Deep,With Bridge Mounted 0.75 Kw 1400 Rpm Marine Stirrer 19mm.Bottom Side Outlet Standing On Mild Steel Legs Giving 600mm.Ground Clearance
Item Ref: S9335-02
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2100L S/S Enc Combination Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Tank 1560mm Dia X 1200 mm Deep To Dish Bottom With 60mm Dia Outlet. Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 1500mm Ground Clearance. Dish Top With 600mm X 400mm Oval Manway. Various Inlets Fitted With Three Stirrers 1 Off 11 Kw 960 Rpm Greaves Ms15 S/S Shearhead Mixer. 1 Off 0.75 Kw 460 Rpm Greaves Marine Stirrer And 1 Off 0.75 Kw 460 Rpm Mitchell Marine Stirrer. Overall Height 3900mm.
Item Ref: N10317-02
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2240 L S/S Mixer, .75 Kw, Flp
Stainless Steel Rectanguler Mixer 1220 mm X 1520 X 1220 mm Deep. 1440Rpm Stirrer With Marine Propellor. 50 mm Bottom Outlet. With Lid.
Item Ref: N8475-02
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2250L S/S Mixing Tank 0.25Kw
Stainless Steel Tank With Stainless Steel Clad Jacket 1680mm Dia X 1100mm Deep. Flat Sloping Bottom To 50mm Dia Outlet. Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 1000mm Ground Clearance. With 0.25Kw 290 Rpm Marine Stirrer. Vessel Made By Hobal.
Item Ref: N9782-01
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2,300L S/S JKTD Enc Mixing Tank 4 kw
Stainless Steel 1/2 Coil Jacketed chamber 1,400 mm dia x 1,500 mm deep dish top and bottom with bottom 2 off 75 mm dia outlets plus side 75 mm dia outlet mounted on three legs to give 500 mm ground clearance. top with 350 x 350 mm manway 2 off 50 mm dia inlets. With centre mounted 4 kw 20 rpm paddle stirrer. Made by Cellier jacket working pressure 2 bar.  
Item Ref: ND-12893-01
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2390L S/S Jktd Enclosed Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Vertical Tank 1400mm Dia X 1550mm Tall. Dished Top And Bottom To 32mm Dia Outlet. Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 450mm Ground Clearance With Centre 1.1Kw 100 Rpm Marine Stirrer. Oval Manway And 3 Off 32mm Inlets With 700mm Deep Side Jacket Clad In S/S.
Item Ref: N8880-01
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2500L S/S Open Top Mixing Tank 4Kw
Stainless Steel Mixing Tank 1370mm Dia X 1850mm Deep With Flat Sloping Bottom To 50mm Outlet. With Side Mounting Pads. Fitted With Bridge Mounted 4Kw 125 Rpm Lightnin Stirrer With 2 Off 3-Bladed Paddles 800mm Swept Dia And 2 Off Tank Baffles.
Item Ref: N10054-02
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