Tanks Stirred Vertical unheated - Anchor Mixer

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400L S/S Contra Rotational Anchor & Paddle Stirrer 1.5 kW
Stainless Steel chamber 900 mm dia x 800 mm deep with flat sloping bottom to 75 mm dia outlet mounted in mild steel frame with 4 legs to give 200 mm ground clearance. With 1.5 kW contra rotational anchor and paddle drive.
Item Ref: ND-12303-02
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450 L Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Tank 910 M/M Dia 780 M/M Deep With Sloping Bottom To 38 M/M Outlet.Insulated Lid 0.3Kw Slow Speed Paddle Stirrer
Item Ref: N8325-01
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390 L S/S Tank With Slow Speed Mixer
800 Dia X 760 mm Deep With Flat Bottom To 38 mm Outlet. Hinged Lid. 0.55 Kw 39 Rpm Stirrer
Item Ref: S8168-02
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900 L Grp Mixing Tank
1070 mm Dia. 1060 mm Deep With Flat Bottom To 50 mm Bottom Outlet. .75 Kw 38 Rpm Scrape Bottom Stirrer. Standing On 3 Legs.
Item Ref: N7953-02
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1400L S/S Torrance Anchor Paddle 4Kw
Stainless Steel Anchor Paddle Stirrer 4Kw 48 Rpm Mounted In Vessel 1220mm Dia X 1220mm Deep. Tapered Sides To 600mm Deep Cone With 500mm Dia Flat Sloping Bottom To 63mm Outlet. Mounted In Mild Steel Frame To Give 800mm Ground Clearance. Overall Size 1740mm X 1740mm X 4500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10097-02
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4250 L S/S Vertical Mixing Vessel
910 mm Wide Gate Paddle Agitator 1900 Dia X 1620 mm Deep. Dished Bottom To 75 mmoutlet. Mounted On 4 Legs Giving 500 mm Ground Clearance.
Item Ref: N5521-02
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