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250L S/S Nauta Mixer Type
Item Ref: 11468
250L S/S Lodige Plough Shear Mixer Fkm
Stainless Steel Ploughshear Mixer To Give Ploughshare Action Type Fkm 300 D1z Chamber 650mm X 1000mm Face With Top 250mm Dia Inlet With 2 Off Side Manway Inspection And Cleaning Port 380mm X 380mm. Bottom 150mm Air Operated Outlet Valve. Mounted On Mild Steel Frame To Give 900 mm Ground Clearence. Driven By 15Kw Gear Drive 155Rpm With 4 Kw 2880 Rpm Side Mounted Chopper. Overall Size 2400mm X 1200mm X 2200mm Tall
Item Ref: N10302-10
250L Eirich R11 S/S Intensive Pan Mixer
Stainless Steel Pan Mixer Model R11 With Approx 1060mm Dia Bowl With 15 Kw 221 Rpm Drive 5.5Kw 113 - 340 Rpm High Speed Star Blade With 1.5Kw Hydraulic Tilt Discharge. Overall Size Approx 1830mm X 1500mm X 2300mm Tall 2000 Kg 2005
Item Ref: RC1340A-10
300L S/S IVD Berg & Zonen Waddinxveen Twin Ribbon Mixer 5.5 Kw
Stainless Steel Chamber 800 mm x 2000mm x 560 mm deep. With 2 off 380 mm dia continuous ribbon mixer blades . With 2 off 5.5 Kw 40 Rpm geared drive motors with 220 mm x 220 mm outlet hinged lid with safety grid. Overall size 1100 mm x 3400 mm x 900 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12037-10
300L Alite S/S Double Cone Blender
Stainless Steel Double Cone Blender 1000mm Dia X 400mm On Straight With 400mm Deep Cone On Both Sides With An 80mm Dia Flange In/Outlet With 3Kw Gear Drive Motor. Mounted In Mild Steel Frame To Give 700mm Ground Clearance. Overall Size 2800mm X 1100mm X 2200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9396-10
400L Lodige S/S Ploughshear Fkm600d
Stainless Steel Plough Shear Mixer To Give Ploughshare Action Chamber 800mm Dia X 1250mm Long. Top Connections 350mm Dia And 230mm Dia With 2 Off Side Inspection Hatches 450mm X 400mm. Bottom Outlet 240mm X 175mm. Driven By 11Kw 149 Rpm Gear Drive With 2 Off Lump Breakers 4Kw 2800 Rpm. Overall Size 1200mm X 2600mm X 1900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10112-10
400L M/S U Trough Mixer
Mild Steel U Trough Mixer Blender 800mm X 900mm X 1200mm Long With Interupted Ribbon Agitator Driven By 0.75 Kw Gear Drive With An 100mm Dia Auger Discharge Conveyor Running The Length Of The Base Ofthe Trough To 100mm Dia X 1600mm Tubular Lift Conveyor With 0.55 Kw Drive Unit Made By Huge-Warren-Zimmerman Over All Size 1800mm X 1600mm X 2000mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9228-10
400 L M/S Alite U-Trough Mixer
Mild Steel U Trough Mixer Blender With Interubted Ribbon Chamber 1525mm.X 610mm.X 610mm.Deep Mounted On Mild Steel Frame Fitted With 4Kw Geared Drive. Overall Size 610mm X 2600mm X 2460mm High. Clearance To Outlet 1720mm.
Item Ref: S9457-10
400 L S/S U-Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender U Trough Internal Size 1370 Long X 630 Wide X 760 mm Deep With Interupted Scroll Outlet Giving 1 M Ground Clearance. 1.5 Kw Geared Drive.
Item Ref: N7977-10
400 L Marchant M/S U Trough Mixer
Mild Stee U Trough Blender With Tee Arm Paddle Blades Trough 610mm X 760mm X 1370 mm Long With 2.2 Kw Geared Motor. 2 X 75 mm Outlets One At Each End And T Shaped Paddles
Item Ref: S7919-10
450L S/S Winkworth Powder Mixer RT450

Stainless Steel Tee Arm High Shear Mixer with packed gland seals, Chamber 790mm dia x 1,350mm long with 2 off 100mm dia inlets, side inspection port 610mm x 390mm with bottom 150mm dia outlet mounted on mild steel frame                           to give 400mm ground clearance with 7.5 kW approx 140 rpm geared drive and 4 kW 2,880 rpm.  

Overall size 2,900mm x 1,800mm x 1,450mm tall.

Item Ref: N10901-10
500L S/S Gardner U-Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel Interrupted Ribbon Trough 610mm Wide X 720mm Deep X 1,600mm Long. With Bottom 150mm Dia Outlet with Hand Operated Slide Valve.  Packed Gland. Approx 4 kW  56 Rpm Drive.  Pedestal Mounted.
Overall Size 2,500mm X 900mm X 1,200mm Tall.
Item Ref: RC1315-10