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2L Eirich Style Mixer S/S Bench Top
Agitator & Bowl Speed Control With Reversing Facility. Bowl Size 210 mm Diam 140 mm Deep. Mixer Hinges Out And Bowl Is Removable
Item Ref: S8111-59
50L M/S Eirich Skk11 Intensive Mixer
Mild Steel Eirich Skk11 Muller Intensive Mixer With 700mm Dia X 350mm Deep Mixing Bowl With Muller Wheel Mixer Arm And Mixer Blade 1.5Kw 250 Rpm Geared Drive. Overall Size 1200mm X 1900mm X 1700mm Tall
Item Ref: N10410-10
Rotating Pan Tilting Mixer S/S 140 Litre
810 Dia. 350 mm Deep With Hand Lever Tilting. With Fixed And Rotating Ploughs. 2.2 Kw Geared Drive
Item Ref: S5846-09
150L Eirich R09/T M/S Intensive Incline Mixer 3 kW
Item Ref: ND-12433-10
250L Eirich R11 S/S Intensive Pan Mixer
Stainless Steel Pan Mixer Model R11 With Approx 1060mm Dia Bowl With 15 Kw 221 Rpm Drive 5.5Kw 113 - 340 Rpm High Speed Star Blade With 1.5Kw Hydraulic Tilt Discharge. Overall Size Approx 1830mm X 1500mm X 2300mm Tall 2000 Kg 2005
Item Ref: RC1340A-10