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5 Litre Apex S/S Y Cone Blender
150 Dia. 250mm Long Shell with 2 X 120mm Dia Connections.  Mounted in M/S Frame with 1 Phase Geared Drive.  All Mounted in Safety Cage
Item Ref: S7819-10
Apex Rotating Mixer 2 X 2.5 Lt Cans
Variable Speed Mixer With Twin Arms Each Able To Hold A 2.5 L Can
Item Ref: S8951-59
5 L Apex Drum Tumble Mixer
Type 16 526 with 0.37 kW Gear Drive 240/1/50
Item Ref: S9778-10
10 L Pat. Kelly Y-Cone Blender Perspex
Patterson Kelly Unit 240 Dia. 460mm Long, Tubes with 1 Phase 0.2 kW Drive. Additional 0.55 kW Drive
Item Ref: N6753-10
25 L Double Drum Blender 1 Ph Drive
For Mixing 2 X 25 L Drums With Single Phase Geared Drive
Item Ref: S9026-10
30 L Rotary Vacuum Tumbling Chamber S/S
Vario-Vac Vvt-35 Stainless Steel Tumbling Mixer with Vacuum Pump. 350 Dia. 350mm Face.  All Mounted in S/S Frame
Item Ref: S7469-10
30L Y-Cone S/S Apex Blender
Stainless Steel Blender Model 286B1. 300mm Dia X 400mm Deep Y-Cones to Bottom 100mm Dia Outlet. Top with 290mm Dia Inlets with 0.75 kW 10 rpm Blender Drive and 0.75 kW 1,440 rpm Cutter Drive.
Overall size 1,450mm X 1,000mm X 1,500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9719-10
60L Moritz Y-Cone Blender Perspex
Chamber made from Clear Perspex material. Approx. 350mm Dia X 600mm Deep. With 180mm Dia Bottom Outlet. Mounted on Mild Steel Frame 1,100mm X 12,00mm X 1,700mm Tall.  Machine No. 3975/1957/2.
Item Ref: N9739-10
100L S/S Flaretaire Rotor Cube Powder Blender

Stainless Steel Rotor Cube 590mm x 590mm x 130mm deep.  One cone 400mm deep to 50mm dia outlet,  other cone 360mm deep with 340mm x 200mm deep feed port. mounted on mild steel frame 1,070mm x 1,000mm x 1,060mm tall

Item Ref: N10856-10
Drum Roller For 100 - 200L Drum
0.55 kW gear driven Rollers Rubber covered, Suitable for up to 200L drums. Gear Driven Shaft with 2 Adjustable Rollers to suit Drum.  Free Shaft Adjustable Sideways with 2 Adjustable Rollers, Floor Standing, 130mm Long, 690mm Wide
Item Ref: S5788-10
200L Powell Drum Roller Mixer 0.37 kW
Mild steel 100 to 200 l Drum roller mixer with rollers mounted 380 mm apart or 200 mm apart x 620 mm face driven by 0.37 kw drive with hinged safety cage to give overall size 700 mm x 1,600 mm x 1500 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12521-10
250L S/S Twin Shell V Type Patterson Kelley Blender Mixer
Stainless Steel 316 Grade V shape Chamber 500mm dia x 1,100mm long & 500mm dia x 800mm long, with 400mm dia charge & inspection hatches. 200mm dia outlet with 3 kW  83.6 rpm geared drive motor to a chain drive, to give an out put speed of 25.7 rpm.  Mounted on a Mild Steel base frame to give overall size of 2,400mm x 2,400mm x 3,000mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12010-10