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40L Alite S/S U Trough Mixer Type 1A/4
Stainless Steel U Trough Mixer Blender Size 760mm X 250mm X 280mm Deep with 90 X 60mm Slide Valve Outlet. On Legs giving 700mm Ground Clearance. 0.75 kW  100 rpm Geared Motor
Item Ref: S8277-10
60 L Gardner U Trough Mixer S/S
Stainless Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender U Trough Chamber Size 610mm X 350mm X 400 mm Deep With Interrupted Scroll Agitator 80mm X 80mm Bottom End Slide Valve Pedastal Mounted To Give 500mm Ground Clearence With 1.5 Kw 103 Rpm Geared Drive Motor.ovearll size 1200mm x 700mm x 1000mm tall.
Item Ref: S7297-10
75L AMK S/S VIS Ribbon Mixer
Stainless Steel Interrupted Ribbon High Speed Powder Mixer made by AMK Model VIS 75. Pedestal mounted with 45 Deg Chamber to the horizontal 450mm Dia x 710mm long with 300mm dia inlet with hinged lid and 190mm x 100mm outlet with shut off valve mounted to give 730mm ground clearance.  With 1.1 kW 1,440 rpm belt drive. Mounted on frame with wheels. 
Overall size 1,200mm x 900mm x 1,800mm tall.  No.: 10598. 
Item Ref: N10917-10
S/S Jktd Continuous Twin Screw Mixer Conveyor 3 Mt
Stainless Steel Water Jacketed Twin Screw Continuous Mixer Conveyor with Rock Wool Insulation and Outer Stainless Steel Cladding Chamber 80L 300 M/M Wide X 180 M/M Deep X 3,000 M/M Long with Interrupted Paddle Blades with Adjustable Angle Blades and Hinged Bolt Removable Lid 7.5 kW 60 Rpm Geared Drive.  Mounted on Mild Steel Frame 3,500 mm X 1,000 mm X 1,300 mm Tall.  Ajax style adjustable flights.
Item Ref: N8013-10
J. E. Taylor Jktd S/S Twin Screw Mixer
Stainless Steel Twin Trough Mixer Blender 400 mm Wide, 2500 mm Long, 340 mm Deep Chamber Cap 220L.  1.1 kW Variable Speed Drive.  End Outlet 270 mm X 150 mm with Slide Valve to Small Hopper.
Item Ref: S8814-10
J.E. Taylor Jktd S/S Twin Screw Mixer
Stainless Steel Twin Trough Mixer Blender 400 mm Wide X 340 mm Deep X 2,500 mm Long with End Discharge 150 mm X 270 mm Chamber Cap 230L. Driven by 1.1 kW  5.6 - 44 Rpm Variable Speed Gear Drive.
Item Ref: N7960-10
200L S/S Gardner U-Trough Mixer 4 kW
Stainless Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender Internal Size 470 mm Wide X 590 mm Deep X 1,330 mm Long with Interrupted Ribbon Paddle Agitator with 150 mm Dia outlet with hand operated plug type valve. With Stainless Steel hinged lid. Unit mounted on Stainless Steel Pedestal to Give 1,000 mm Ground Clearance  with Drive 4 kW 56 Rpm Gear Drive. With Mechanical Seal Glands. With Removable End Plate and Shaft for easy clean.  Gardner mixer type 200L serial number 18155.  Overall size 2,700 mm X 815 mm X 1,800 mm Tall .  mounted on a mild steel base and platform 1,220 mm x 600 mm high. Overall size 3,200 mm x 2,700 mm x 2,600 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12441-10
300L S/S IVD Berg & Zonen Waddinxveen Twin Ribbon Mixer 5.5 Kw
Stainless Steel Chamber 800 mm x 2000mm x 560 mm deep. With 2 off 380 mm dia continuous ribbon mixer blades . With 2 off 5.5 Kw 40 Rpm geared drive motors with 220 mm x 220 mm outlet hinged lid with safety grid. Overall size 1100 mm x 3400 mm x 900 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12037-10
400 L S/S U-Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender U Trough Internal Size 1370 Long X 630 Wide X 760 mm Deep With Interupted Scroll Outlet Giving 1 M Ground Clearance. 1.5 Kw Geared Drive.
Item Ref: N7977-10
500L S/S Gardner U-Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel Interrupted Ribbon Trough 610mm Wide X 720mm Deep X 1,600mm Long. With Bottom 150mm Dia Outlet with Hand Operated Slide Valve.  Packed Gland. Approx 4 kW  56 Rpm Drive.  Pedestal Mounted.
Overall Size 2,500mm X 900mm X 1,200mm Tall.
Item Ref: RC1315-10
500L S/S JKTD U Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel Chamber and Mild Steel Jacketed U trough with Stainless Steel T arms chamber 1,800mm x 610mm x 750mm deep with 150mm dia outlet mounted on a mild steel pedestal frame to give 950mm ground clearance.                              Overall size 2,500mm x 800mm x 1,900mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12085-10
600L S/S Jktd Atbc U-Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel Water Jacketed U Trough Mixer Blender with 2 Off 3.75 kW  Heating Elements.  
Stainless Steel Trough Internal Size 850 mm X 1,020 mm X 1,020 mm Deep with Bottom Centre 100 mm Outlet. 
Mounted on frame to give 700 mm Ground Clearance. Hinged Top with Hinged Lid with 900 mm X 600 mm Opening with Safety Grid with approx 5.5 kW Variable Speed Gear Drive 10 to 45 Rpm. 
Overall Size 1,100 mm X 2,400 mm X 2,000 mm Tall.
Made by Apparate Und Behalter Technik Harislee Gmbh   Type Mh1
Item Ref: N10460-10