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3500L M/S Christy Norris Paddle Mixer
Mild Steel U Trough Mixer Blender With Chamber1200mm X 1500mm X 2400mm Long. Interrupted Angle Paddles. 160mm Dia Outlet. Currently With Accumulator Drives 22 Kw / 4 Kw Geared To Give 275 Rpm / 45 Rpm. Suitable For Approx. 37Kw.
Item Ref: N8744-10
3,500L S/S Tumble Mixer Blender
Stainless Steel Horizontal Tubular Drum Mixer 1,800mm Dia X 36,00mm Long with Dished End with 250mm Dia Inlet. Other with Cone End to 640mm Dia Outlet.  With Internal Flights to assist blending. 
Driven by 4 kW 140 rpm Gear Drive through to chain drive on main drum.  Mounted on mild steel base frame to give 900mm ground clearance.  Chamber Total Volume 11,000L.
Overall Length 4,850mm X 2,000mm Wide X 3,000mm Tall
Item Ref: N10477-10
3600L M/S C/Norris U-Trough Mixer
Mild Steel U Trough Mixer Blender With 1400mm X 2330mm X 1700mm Deep With A Continuous Ribbon. Bottom Centre 300mm Square Outlet With 15Kw Gear Drive To Give 7 Rpm (Could Be Uprated To 45Kw At Extra Cost). Overall Size 3800mm X 2500mm X 2500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9000-10
4000 L Gardner Double Cone Blender M/S
Mild Steel Powder Mixer 2440 mm Dia. With 460 mm Straight Section And 1370 mm Deep Cones, 100 mm Outlet Port And 430 mm Manway Overall Space Required For Unit 4,400mm X 4,100mm X 4,200mm Tall
Item Ref: N4615-10
4,000L S/S JKTD Tee Arm Littleford Plough Shear Mixer 150 kW Model KM6000D
Stainless Steel 316 Grade Jacketed internal chamber size 1,630 mm dia x 3,080 mm long rated 5 PSI or full vacuum, with seven Tee arm paddles two end ploughs with scrapers.  304 grade stainless steel jacket rated 90 PSI with 228 mm dia cored rotor shaft with rotary unit 6 off Choppers.  With 228 mm dia center outlet, Top with 410 mm dia, 310 mm dia, 200 mm dia, 150 mm dia 2 off 50 mm dia inlets.  Two off hinged side access doors 546 mm x 406 mm with manual valve driven  by 150 kW geared drive.  Model KM6000D  Serial number: 42592-5082 & 42592-5083
Item Ref: ND-12373-10
4,300L M/S U Trough Mixer 22 kW
Mild Steel U trough mixer with continuous out ribbon and inner solid Auger type mixer blade. Chamber 1,500mm x 3,650mm x 1,700mm deep with 310mm x 310mm bottom outlet mounted, to give 700mm clearance, with bolt on lid with inspection and feed ports, with about 22 kW 20 rpm, geared and belt drive. Overall size 2,400mm x 4,600mm x 2,600mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12120-10
5,000L S/S U-Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender with continuous inner and outer ribbon Internal Chamber 1,220mm X 1,525mm X 4,000mm Long with 2 Off  200mm X 300mm Outlets. 4 Off  Bomb Doors 1,400mm X 1,000mm for Cleaning.                         Mounted On Mild Steel Frame.
Overall dimensions 1,500mm X 7,300mm X 3,400mm Tall.  Currently driven by 15 HP 20 rpm Gear Drive.
Item Ref: N8741-10
7,000L Vrieco S/S Mixer Type S70 Kv-2.5
Stainless Steel Vrieco Cone Mixer with Orbital Mixer Screw 3,000mm Dia X 4,680mm Deep Outlet 250mm X 250mm
Item Ref: RC1242-10
5,600 L Gardner M/S U Trough Mixer
Mild Steel U Trough Mixer Blender Chamber Size 1,524 X 3,500 X 1,680mm Deep. Bottom Slide Outlet Valve. 15 kW 20 Rpm Drive Unit. Power could be increased
Item Ref: N5816-10
6,500L Peat Drewery M/S U-Trough Mixer
Mild Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender with continuous ribbon U Trough Chamber 1,500mm Dia X 1,650mm X 3,650mm Long.  Bottom Center 360mm Outlet with 600mm Clearance.   Bolt removable lid.  Driven by 30 kW 23 rpm Gear Drive.               Overall size 1,800mm X 5,000mm Long.
Item Ref: N10154-10
7,000 L C. Norris M/S U Trough Mixer
Mild Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender U Trough Chamber Size Size 1,700mm X 3,150mm X 2,200mm Deep with Continuous Inner & Outer Scrolls. 3 X 610mm Pneumatic Slide Valve Outlets. 60 kW 24 Rpm Drive with Slip Ring
Item Ref: N7022-10
9800 L Jenkins Proderite Orbital Mixer
Mild Steel Proderite Lined Conical Orbital Mixer With 10 Ton Nominal Capacity With Stainless Steel Screw Augwer, 15 Kw Drive, Maximum Cone Diameter 3660 mm Overall Height 7010 mm
Item Ref: N5572-10