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3 kW IWK Yankle & Kunkle Tubular Vortex Mixer
Stainless Steel Tubular Vortex Mixer with 1,000mm Long Shaft and 85mm Dia Head with 3 kW Variable Speed 700 to 2,880 rpm Direct Coupled Drive Motor mounted on Portable Hand Operated Raise/Lower Mechanism.
Overall size 1,700mm x 1,200mm x 2,250mm tall closed and 2,650mm open height.
Item Ref: ND-11537-03
Silverson Inline Flash Mixer 4Kw
Stainless Steel Vertical Flash Mixer Type Eff Mk2. Powder Feed Hopper With Auger Feed To 2 Stage Shearhead Mixer With 50mm Dia Outlet. Skid Mounted With Recycle Tank 550L 780mm Dia X 1200mm Tall With 400mm Deep Cone To 38mm Dia Iss Outlet. With Apv Cl/15/0210/10 Recirculation Pump To Give Approx. 100 Lpm At 4 Bar. Mounted With Transon Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Type U5-19-1800-Hs20ss. Stainless Steel Tubes Mild Steel Shell 4Kw Rated. Tubes 29 Deg.C At 100 Psi W.P. 80 Lpm. Jacket 60 Deg.C. At 100 Psi 90 Lpm. Overall Skid Mount Size 1500mm X 1700mm X 2200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9631-03
4 kW 2,850 Rpm Shearhead Mixer
700mm Stainless Steel Shaft. 155mm Enclosed Head with 10mm Holes. Hook Mounted.
Item Ref: S9992-03
4Kw 40 Rpm S/S Scraped Anchor Stirrer

4Kw 40 Rpm with gear drive made by F.A.Q Stainless Steel Anchor with PTFE hinged scrapers previously fitted to a Hemispherical Pan 900mm Dia x 1000mm deep

Item Ref: N10890-03
RB Paddle Stirrer 4 kW 36 Rpm

4 Kw Geared Drive, 36 Rpm. Length Of Stainless Steel Shaft to Suit Mixer Tank with  650mm Dia Stainless Steel Paddles.  Mounted in Mild Steel Bell Housing Unit suitable for Flange Mounting. [ASIS price Gearbox only]

Item Ref: N8813-03
4 Kw V/Speed Mixer 60-250 Rpm Flp
Flameproof Variable Speed Geared Stirrer By Eurodrive.4 Kw Flp Drive To 11.51 Ratio Gearbox Type Rf82 Rbvz3h Sae112md. As Is Price With Mild Steel Shaft And Propeller
Item Ref: S9083-03
Rigal-Bennett Shearhead Mixer 4.0 kW, Flp
Flameproof 3 Phase 1,440 Rpm General Purpose Shearhead 83mm Dia Stainless Steel Contact Parts. Mounting by Suspending Hook.  Standard Length Is 750mm. With High Shear Agitation to get the right blend. 
Item Ref: N10937-03
4 kW R-B Shearhead Mixer 1,440 Rpm
Rigal Bennett S/S Shearhead Mixer With 4 kW 1,440 Rpm Drive 760 mm Long Shaft.
Item Ref: N9042-03
4 Kw Moritz Shearhead Mixer 2880 Rpm S/S
840 mm Long, 125 mm Dia Head With Flange Mounting.
Item Ref: S8801-03
4 & 2 Kw 2880/1440 Rpm Premier Mixer
Model 3100 Flange Mounted Mixer With Dispersator Head
Item Ref: S5847-03
4 kW Rigal-Bennett S/S Shearhead Mixer
Eh403-63 Stainless Steel Shearhead Mixer with General Purpose Head 130 mm Dia, 910 mm Long Shaft 4 kW 2,880 Rpm Motor Suspension Hook Mounted on Raise Lower Stand with Reach upto 1,800 mm Lift From 1,600 mm to 2,500 mm.
Item Ref: N10393-03
4 Kw Greaves S/S Shearhead Mixer Gm5
4Kw 2900 Rpm 3 Ph Drive Motor With Screen Missing [Asis]. S/S Shaft Length 940mm With Intermediate Impellor, And 100mm Dia Rotor Suspending Hook Mount. Overall Length 1600mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10257-03