Agitator Shear Head Mixer

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Rigal Bennett Lab Shearhead Mixer 0.37 kw
New 0.37 kw Variable Speed 1 Phase Drive. Bench Mounted With Raise Lower Stand, Variable Speed Control, [ At Extra cost we can include S/S Bowl Clamp, plus other safety features to suit your requirements]
Item Ref: ND-12656-03
Rigal-Bennett Lab Shearhead Mixer 0.75Kw
With Stainless Steel General Purpose Head And Variable Speed 1 Phase Drive. Bench Mounting With Raise Lower Stand, Variable Speed Control,Extra For St/St Bowl, Bowl Clamp,And Safty Features To Your Requirments
Item Ref: S9811-03
1.1Kw 1440 Rpm Fluko-Kottoff S/S Mixer
Type Ms-2. Stainless Steel Shaft 300mm Long With Ultra Turrax Type Stator/Rotor 70mm Dia. Bench Mounted With Hand Wheel Raise Lower Stand.
Item Ref: N9892-03
1.1Kw Rigal Bennett Shearhead Mixer
Used 3 Phase 2880 Rpm Drive Motor With New Rigal Bennett General Purpose Shearhead 83mm Dia Stainless Steel Contact Parts. Mounting By Flange Or Suspending Hook Can Be Selected. Shaft Length Is Standard 750 mm But Other Lengths Can Be Specified.
Item Ref: N8893-03
1.5Kw Greaves Gm2 Shearhead Mixer
1.5Kw 1420Rpm 3 Ph Drive With Stainless Steel Shear Head 75mm Dia With 810mm Long Shafts Suspending Hook Mounted  overall size 260mm x 260mm x 2880 mm Long
Item Ref: ND-11536-03
1.5Kw S/S Ultra Turrax Mixer
Stainless Steel Ultra Turrax Mixer 50mm Dia Head With 760mm Long Shaft Driven By 1.5Kw 2880Rpm 3 Phase Motor
Item Ref: N10354-03
2.2 Kw Rigal-Bennett S/S Shearhead Mixer
Used TEFC 3 Phase 2880 rpm drive,  fitted with New Rigal Bennett General Purpose Shearhead 83 mm dia. Stainless steel contact parts. Mounting by flange or suspending hook can be selected. Shaft length is standard 750mm but other lengths can be specified.
Item Ref: S9095-03
2.2 Kw 735 - 3640Rpm John Goodrich Mixer
Stainless Steel Shaft 500mm Long With 100mm Dia Marine Blade Mounted On Mild Steel Frame 900mm X 750mm X 2100mm Closed Height 2600mm Open
Item Ref: N10444-03
3 kW IWK Yankle & Kunkle Tubular Vortex Mixer
Stainless Steel Tubular Vortex Mixer with 1,000mm Long Shaft and 85mm Dia Head with 3 kW Variable Speed 700 to 2,880 rpm Direct Coupled Drive Motor mounted on Portable Hand Operated Raise/Lower Mechanism.
Overall size 1,700mm x 1,200mm x 2,250mm tall closed and 2,650mm open height.
Item Ref: ND-11537-03
4 kW 2,850 Rpm Shearhead Mixer
700mm Stainless Steel Shaft. 155mm Enclosed Head with 10mm Holes. Hook Mounted.
Item Ref: S9992-03
Rigal-Bennett Shearhead Mixer 4.0 kW, Flp
Flameproof 3 Phase 1,440 Rpm General Purpose Shearhead 83mm Dia Stainless Steel Contact Parts. Mounting by Suspending Hook.  Standard Length Is 750mm. With High Shear Agitation to get the right blend. 
Item Ref: N10937-03
4 kW R-B Shearhead Mixer 1,440 Rpm
Rigal Bennett S/S Shearhead Mixer With 4 kW 1,440 Rpm Drive 760 mm Long Shaft.
Item Ref: N9042-03