Agitator Tank Mounted Dispersion Dissolver Mixers

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600L S/S Sawtooth Mixer 7.5 Kw
Stainless Steel mixer tank 840mm Dia x 1220mm deep with shallow cone to 63mm Bsp out let with side mounting pads. with 7.5 Kw 1440 Rpm Sawtooth mixer mounted of centre with Hand Hydraulic Raise lower to give 650mm of lift overall height 2200mm.
Item Ref: N10938-03
1000L Fillworth S/S Jktd Combination Mastic Mixer FM 103.5kw

Stainless Steel chamber with Dimple Jacketed Mixer With Chamber 1400mm dia x 900mm deep with Triple action mixing system with Helical Anchor Scraped Outer Ribbon Mixer Arm With Two Off Center High Shear Granulating Masticators Rotor Grinders Mixer Blades and Base Integrated Discharge Auger Extruder Driven By 2 Off 37Kw 22kw & 7.5Kw Hydraulic Drives. overall size 1400mm x 2500mm x 1300mm Tall power pack 2600mm x 1800mm x 2500mm Tall. Made by Fillworth Model FM1000  Number: 503688 Jacket working pressure 45 P.S.I.

Item Ref: RC395C-03
1,350L Filworth Filmastic Mixer C/W Hydraulic Power Pack
Stainless Steel Chamber 1,800mm dia x 900mm deep with 15 kW Anchor Drive. 30 kW Masticator, 5.5 kW Extruder. Chamber 5 PSI., Jacket Pressure 40 PSI.  Overall size 1,800mm x 2,500mm x 2500mm tall.  Power pack 2,000mm x 1,400mm x 1,600mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-11996-03
1500L M/S Torrance Combination Mixer
Mild Steel Vessel 1160mm X 1500mm Deep With A Convex Base With 2 Off 50mm Dia Outlets. Dish Top With Centre 7.5 Kw 20 Rpm Scraped Anchor Paddle And Off- Centre 18.5Kw 1440 Rpm Sawtooth Mixer Mounted On Hydraulic Raise/Lower Stand To Give About 1000mm Of Lift. Overall Height When Closed 3900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10505-01
2,000L Netzsch Mastermix Pmd M/S
Mild Steel Mixing Vessel . Vessel 1600mm Dia X 2100mm Deep With Slow Speed Anchor Type Base Mounted Stirrer 5.5Kw. Top Mounted Cavitation Disperser With 37 Kw 1440 Rpm Motor Hydraulic Raise/Lower Disperser With 2.2Kw Raise/ Lower Hydraulic Power Pack. Overall Height With Stirrer Closed 2000mm X 2200mm X 3200mm Tall Height With Stirrer Open 5000mm.
Item Ref: RC1176-03
2000L Millroom Fillworth M/S Jktd Mixer
Mild Steel Jacketed Vessel 1400mm Dia X 1400mm Deep. Radiused Bottom To Side 75mm Dia Outlet. Mounted To Give 1350mm Discharge Height. Fitted With Top Centre 22Kw 1470 Rpm Flp Shearhead Mixer With Mill Plate Base And Vortex Head. Jacket T.P. 40 Psi. W.P. 20 Psi. Fillworth Model Fm6-30Hp.
Item Ref: N9354-03
2500L Greaves Combination Sawtooth Mixer
Stainless Steel Chamber With Mild Steel Jacketed Bowl 1500mm Dia X 1500mm Deep With 300mm Deep Cone To 100mm Dia Outlet. With Top Mounted 11Kw 28 Rpm Flp Exd Iib T5 Rated Motor Scraped Anchor Paddle Stirrer And Top Mounted Hydraulic Raise Lower 20/4Kw 1460/735 Rpm Flp Exd Iib T4 Rated Motor Sawtooth Dispersion Mixer. Mounted In Mild Steel Frame. Overall Size 2600mm X 1600mm X 3M. Tall. Previously Mounted With Extensions 1200mm Tall To Suit Discharge.
Item Ref: N10100-03
3,000L S/S Jktd Combination Mixer
Stainless Steel Chamber With Mild Steel Steam Jacket. 1600mm Dia X 1550mm Deep. Dish Bottom To 100mm Dia Outlet With 4 Off Centre-Mounted Paddle . Stainless Steel Bridge And Lid With Hinged Section Both Sides. 7.5 Kw 45 Rpm Paddle Stirrer And Off-Centre 15 Kw 1440 Rpm Sawtooth Dispersion Disc 200mm Dia . Made By Fag. Jacket Working Pressure 4 Bar
Item Ref: N9818-01