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18Kw Cox Paragon Combination Mixer L25
Raise Lower Mixer With 940mm Dia 4-Bladed Anchor With 7.5Kw 1440 Rpm 150mm Dia Sawtooth Dispersion Disc. Mounted On Frame. Overall Size 2000mm X 1300mm X 3000mm Tall. With 18Kw Hydraulic Drive Motor.
Item Ref: N10038-03
18.5 Kw Mastermix Hyd Sawtooth Mixer
Stainless Steel Shaft 1000mm Long With 400mm Dia Sawtooth Head. Mounted On Mild Steel Frame With Hydraulic Variable Speed Sawtooth Mixer Drive And Raise Lower Head. Overall Size 1100mm X 2600mm X 2200mm Tall. Machine No: 2115
Item Ref: N9991-03
18.5Kw Mastermix Hd Combination Mixer
Stainless Steel Shafted 1000mm Long With 700mm Dia Trifoil Swept Centrally Mounted Stirrer With Off-Centre 18.5Kw 1440 Rpm Sawtooth Dispersion Mixer. Mounted On Mild Steel Structure With Hydraulic Raise Lower Frame With Hydraulic Variable Speed Drive For Trifoil Mixer. Fixed Speed 18.5Kw Drive For Sawtooth Dispersion Mixer. Machine No. H1490741. Supplied With Stainless Steel Bowl 800L 1050mm Dia X 1170mm Deep. Flat Sloping Bottom To 50mm Outlet. Portable Base. Overall Size 1420mm. Stirrer Mounted On Mild Steel Frame 1200mm Wide X 3200mm Deep X 3200mm Closed Height X 4600mm Open Height.
Item Ref: N10101-03
18.5 kW Unishear Duplex S/S Mixer
Stainless Steel Duplex General Purpose Shearhead 180mm Dia with 1,420mm Long Shafts. Driven by 18.5 kW 1,420 Rpm Motor. With 635mm Square Mounting Plate. Overall size 2,700mm Long.
Item Ref: N10011-03
18.5 kW Euro Machine S/S Shearhead
18.5 kW 1,420 Rpm Suspended Mixer with Stainless Steel Shafts 1,420mm Long with 150mm Dia Stator Head. Mounted on 3 legs. Overall height 2,800mm.
Item Ref: N10067-03
Bran & Luebe Pentax Mixer S/S Jktd Kmf70
Stainless Steel Jacketed Inline 3 Stage Mixer With 70mm Dia In/Outlet Connections With Packed Glands And 22 Kw 960 Rpm Drive Overall Size 1200mm X 1200mm X 500 mm Tall
Item Ref: RC1184-03
22 kW Ystral Conti-TDS-3 Inline Tri Blender Mixer S/S
Stainless Steel Model C22000S-Conti-TDS-3 Stainless Steel Inline Mixer monoblock design with Mechanical Seal with 22 kW 2,880 Rpm direct drive. 50 mm dia connections previous duty achieved flow rates 150 to 200 LPM.  Skid mounted on stainless steel base 2,000 mm x 1,000 mm x 1,700 mm tall.  Machine number 193961200 with original stop start inverter speed control and valve cycle actuation panel mounted on skid.
Item Ref: ND-12301-03
22 Kw Dc Variable Speed Drive Mixer
Dc Shunt Wound Mixer Drive 0 To 200 Rpm V/Speed
Item Ref: S8971-03
30-15 Kw 36-18Rpm 2 Speed Gear Drive Flp
Mounted With Mechanical Seal. Stainless Steel Shaft And Stirrer To Be Supplied To Suit Tank, Using Radicon 6Bd14 40:1 Ratio Gearbox Driven By 30 -15Kw 1440/ 720 Rpm Flp Motor.
Item Ref: N7944-03
37 Kw 0-357 Rpm Hydrokraft Var.Spd.Mixer
Tefc Variable Gear Drive. Type Cl152kf. Fitted With 0.18 Kw Speed Adjuster Motor. Central Bridge Mounted. To Be Fitted With Stainless Steel Shaft To Suit.
Item Ref: N7990-03
37 kW Torrance Sawtooth Mixer FLP
37 kW FLP Hydraulic Raise Lower Sawtooth Dispersion Mixer with 450mm Dia Sawtooth Disc. 1,200mm Long S/S Shaft.  Variable Speed 0-1,200 rpm.
Overall size 1,800mm X 3,200mm X 2,400mm Tall    Closed Height Or 3,650mm Open Height.  Serial number 702552
Item Ref: N10050-03
37 kW Eiger Torrance Hydraulic Raise Lower Sawtooth Mixer
Hydraulic Raise Lower Sawtooth Dispersion Mixer with 450mm Dia Sawtooth Disc. 1,200mm Long S/S Shaft. 37 kW Variable Speed 0-1200 rpm.
Overall size 1,800mm X 3,200mm X 2,500mm Tall Closed Height Or 3,950mm Open Height. Model 50HP - HYD-MSD - 7FV,  Serial number 2211
Item Ref: ND-11791-03