10L S/S JKTD Elec Vacuum Turbo Emulsifier Shearhead Mixer Reactor

Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber with outer Electrically Heated Jacket with hot well in the control cabinet with circulation pump and temperature control. Chamber 240mm dia x 260mm deep to 20 mm dia outlet. Dish top with 2 off 40mm sight glass, 20mm dia,  2 off 12mm dia inlets. with contra rotational stirrer outer anchor with PTFE hinged scrapers inner angle paddle. 0.25 KW about 155 rpm geared drive with top entry Turbo Emulsifier type shear head mixer stirrer with 0.55 Kw 2000 rpm drive. Chamber mounted on mild steel frame with hydraulic raise lower and chamber designed to hand tilt for cleaning. Overall size 800mm x 2200mm x 2300mm tall closed height, open 2600mm. Made by Pressindustria Chemical Equipment SPA

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