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10,000 L S/S Jktd High Pressure Reactor
Stainless Steel with Mild Steel Jacket 2,300 M/M Dia 2,400 M/M on Straight. Dished Top & Bottom.Top 450 M/M Manway, 2 Off 200 M/M, 8 Off 75 M/M Inlets Bottom 200 M/M Outlet.Body 22 M/M Thick Plate, 15 kW 19 rpm Paddle Stirrer
Item Ref: N8301-01
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10,000L S/S JKTD Reactor
Stainless steel Jacketed Reactor  2,200 mm dia x 2,700 mm tall Dish Top & Bottom with 125 mm dia outlet. Dish top with
610 mm dia manway, 250 mm dia , 150 mm dia, 3 off 100 mm dia , 2 of 80 mm dia , 2 off 50 mm dia and 1 off 25 mm dia flanged inlets 
stainless steel jacket spit into two sections with side mount pads
Item Ref: ND-13286-01
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5500L S/S Jktd Reactor 18.5 Kw
Stainless Steel Chamber With Mild Steel Jacket On The Straight Side With Bolt Removable Dish Top And Bottom With 75mm Dia Outlet. Top With 420mm Dia Manway, 300mmdia Tangential Inlet, 5 Off 50mm Dia Inlets, Centre Mounted 18.5Kw Geared Paddle Stirrer.
Item Ref: N10397-01
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5000L S/S Jktd Reactor
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket. 1800mm Dia X 1900mm Tall. Dish Top And Bottom To 85mm Dia Outlet. Top With 440mm Dia Manway, 200mm, 70mm, 50mm, 2 Off 38mm And 25mm Dia Inlets. Side Mounting Pads. Vessel Chamber 25mm Thick And Mild Steel Jacket 19mm Thick Plate. Manuf. By Portobello Eng. (As Is Price Body Only)
Item Ref: N9062-01
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4,500 L S/S JKTD Reactor 11 Kw
Stainless Steel 316 Chamber with Stainless Steel Jacket, 1800 mm dia x 1800 mm deep Dish top & Bottom. top with 420 mm Manway , 2 off 250 mm dia, 2 off 200 mm dia , 2 off 100 mm dia, 100mm dia sight glass. Bottom outlet 75 mm dia deep. with 11 Kw 2 bladed paddle stirrer Made by Jens Olsen internal full vacuum or 2 Bar working pressure Jacket -1/6 Bar working pressure 50/ 165 deg.C.
Item Ref: ND-11979-01
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4100 L S/S Jktd High Pressure Reactor
Stainless Steel Vessel 1520 Dia X 2290 mm Deep With Dished Ends, 50mmbottom Outlet, 300 X 300mm Manway, 2 X 25, 2 X 75, 2 X 100 mm Top Connections, 200 mm Centre Connections, Side Mounting Brackets, 200 Psi Internal W.P. 40 Psi Jacket
Item Ref: N4415-01
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3400 L S/S Mixer With Internal Coil
1830 Dia X 1370 mm Deep With Flat Sloping Bottom To 50 mm Outlet. Open Top With Bridge Mounted 1.5 Kw Stirrer With Marine Impellor. Fitted With 4 Turns 25 mm Coil 1200 mm Dia.
Item Ref: N6159-01
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3000 L S/S JKTD Reactor Enclosed
Stainless Steel  chamber with mild steel Jacket working pressure 50 PSI Test Pressure 100 PSI vertical enclosed mix tank 1,400 mm dia x 2,500 mm x 340 mm deep cone to 50 mm dia bottom outlet top and side oval manway 300 mm x 260 mm. Top with  150 mm dia sight glass  5 off 25 mm dia flanged inlets  2 off 20 mm dia flanged inlets 2 off 3/4" bsp inlets 1 off 1/2" dia BSP inlet with  top center 7.5 kw 140 rpm turbine stirrer.

Item Ref: ND-13178-01
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2700 L S/S Jktd Reactor
Stainless Steel Vessel With Mild Steel Jacket 1120 Dia X 2440 mm Deep, Dished Bottom To 50 mm Outlet, Dished Bolt On Top With 250 X 400 mm Oval Charge Hole, 2 X 50, 1 X 38, 1 X 20 mm Top Connections, Fitted With Turbine Type Agitator
Item Ref: N4835-01
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2,000L S/S Giusti Reactor With Contra Rotational Stirrer
Stainless Steel Jacketed Hemispherical rated Working Pressure 1.7 bar or Full Vac in the Chamber Tested Pressure 2.6 Bar.  Jacket  Working Pressure 3 Bar and 6 Bar Test Pressure Dish Bolt on top with 7.5 kw 4.6-27 & 9 -27 Rpm Scraped Anchor Contra-Rotating Agitator, with bottom entry 15/18.5 kw 3000/1500 rpm   Shearhead Type Mixer. Internal Dia 1360mm Dia X 1980mm Deep Hemisphere 680mm To 100 Dia Bsp Outlet. Overall Height 4270 mm Tall Overall Body Height 1550mm. mounted on four leg's or mount pads to suit platform
Item Ref: ND-12672-01
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1600 L S/S Jktd Reactor Scraped Stirrer
Stainless Steel 1070 Dia X 1680 mm Deep With Dished Top And Bottom. Top Connection 75 & 25 mm With 100 mm Sigh Glasses And Side Manway. 75 mmbottom Outlet, Mild Steel Jacket & 4 Kw 36 Rpm Anchor With Scrapers.
Item Ref: N5742-01
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1430 L S/S Reactor With Radiator Jacket
Working Press 30Psi 1220mm Dia X 1220mm Deep,Dish Top/Bottom With 90mm Dia Outlet With Top 360mm Dia Inspection Manway,460mm Dia Inlet Fitted With 0.25Hp 282 Rpm Flp Marine Agitator. Fitted With Packed Gland & 4 X 43mm Dia Inlet Conns.
Item Ref: N7333-01
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