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Mpl 0.4-0.23 Lph 3 Stage Pump
1-Phase Drive. Flow Rate Is For Each Head, All Independently Variable.
Item Ref: S8530-60
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0-23 Lph Ecd 3 Head Metering Pump S/S
Type G500v/V/12Px15mm 3000 Psi
Item Ref: N5998-35
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18 Lph S/S Pulsa 7660 M/Pump 5000 Psi
Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump,12mm.Bsp Inlet/Outlet,With 1.5 Kw 1500 Rpm Single Phase Drive,Unused
Item Ref: N8481-35
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0-18 Lph Precision S/S Metering Pump
Direct Coupled To 0.1 Kw 1 Ph Gear Drive. Pump Operates Up To 10 Bar Pressure
Item Ref: S9840-35
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0-5 Lph Bran & Luebbe Type N-P31
Stainless Steel Single Head Jacketed Pump With 6mm Connection. 0.37Kw 2800 Rpm 3 phase.
Item Ref: N9085-36
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0-4.5 Lph Bran & Luebbe Jktd S/S Pump
Normandos Metering Pump Type N-P31 6 mm Connections 0.37 kW
Item Ref: N6721-35
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0-4.5Lph Bran & Luebbe S/S Metering Pump
Type Normandos N-K31 With 6 mm Bsp Connections, 0.37 Kw Flameproof Drive
Item Ref: N6725-35
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0-2 Lph Ecd S/S Metering Pump Flp
Stainless Steel Metering Pump 1400 Psi Type G/40/Vp6 Twin Head 0.04 Kw Flameproof Drive
Item Ref: S6132-35
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0-1.5 Lph Ecd S/S Metering Pump Flp
Stainless Steel Metering Pump 2000 Psi Type G/40/V5p Flameproof Drive 0.55 Kw
Item Ref: S6130-35
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0.8 to 1.82 LPM Hibar Systems twin head metering pump Model H0081
Stainless steel twin heads with 6 mm in/outlets vernier calibrated stoke length control overall size 1,000 mm x 550 mm x 400 mm tall  
Item Ref: ND-13498-35
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Dcl S/S Metering Pump,0-1.67 Lph
Model M Reciprocating Metering Pump All S/S Contact Parts,Design Pressure At Outlet:100Psi
Item Ref: S4311-60
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0-0.7 Lph Dcl Metering Pump S/S Flp
Stainless Steel Metering Pump With 0.2 Kw Flameproof Drive
Item Ref: S6165-35
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