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408 Lph Doseuro Plastic Metering Pump
Plastic Diaphram Metering Pump 25mm Dia In/Outlet Rated 408 Lph At 3 Bar With 0.37 Kw 1430 Rpm Motor Overall Size 700mm X 400mm X 400mm Tall
Item Ref: N10574-35
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0-180 Lph Ecd Metering Pump Type G250
Stainless Steel With 25 mm Bsp Connections. 70 Psi Driven By 0.37 Kw Geared Motor
Item Ref: N6720-35
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0-130Lph 3 Head S/S Officine Metering Pp
Model 25M 20 X 70 5.5 Kw Drive Each Head Pumping Up To 130 Litres Per Hour
Item Ref: N5694-35
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0-130 Lph Bran & Luebbe 3 Head S/S Pump
Type Normandos Dnr30 Each Head Indepentently Variable
Item Ref: N5860-35
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0-90 Lph Mpl 2 Head S/S Metering Pump
Type Kv48 D45pm 0.25 Kw
Item Ref: N6073-35
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0-90 Lph Mpl 3 Head Metering Pump S/S
Type L60
Item Ref: S7070-35
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0-90 Lph Mpl 2 Head S/S Metering Pump
Twin Stainless Steel 40C Heads. 0.25 Kw Drive.
Item Ref: S8598-35
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0-80 Lph Ecd S/S Metering Pump Flp Drive
Wallace & Tiernen Model G50/V/40P With 0.37 Kw Flp Drive 1
Item Ref: N9193-35
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0-70 LPH MPL Single Head Metering Pump
Stainless Steel Single head diaphragm type metering pump with 25 mm dia connection in/out, mechanical variable speed control.  Overall size 550 mm x 550 mm x 500 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12382-35
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0 to 50 LPH Etatron Plastic Metring pump type BT-MF
Plastic metering pump rated 0 to 50 lph at 3 Bar with 25 mm dia connections
Item Ref: ND-13754-35
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Pdp Metering Pump 0-50 L/Hour 1 Phase
S/S & Plastc Contact Parts Type R410 Lw 10 Bar Pressure 0.18 Kw
Item Ref: N6689-60
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42 LPH Doseubo Metring Pump Type B 125N
PVC Head  with Hydraulic Diaphram  385 lpm at 6 m head with 32 mm dia inlet 32 mm dia outlet monoblock drive 0.18 kw 2880 rpm 1 phase drive motor overall size 400 mm x 200 mm x 400 mm tall 2 off

Item Ref: ND-13307-35
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