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R&B Pack gland assembly

Stainless Steel base to suit mixer bell housing with mild steel pusher, for shafts up to 55mm dia

Item Ref: GPPG075-63
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R&B Duplex Phosphor Bronze 2" dia Bearing Bush
Item Ref: EHD-12923-63
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S/S Split Bush Paddle
Stainless Steel Split Bush Bolt Removable To Suit 50mm Dia Shaft Two Bladed Angle Paddle Swept Diameter Up To 1000mm .
Item Ref: GP075-63-SP
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Flange Mounted Self Lube Bearing 30Mm
Item Ref: GPSLB50-63
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Bottom Steady Bearing 50Mm Id
Stainless Steel Bottom Steady Bearing To Be Leg Mounted With Ptfe Inner Bush
Item Ref: GPB750-63
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R&B Duplex S/S Rotary Shaft
Stainless Steel Rotor Shaft Standard Length 760mm
Item Ref: EH753DP-63-3
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50Mm Dia S/S Sawtooth Dispersion Blade
Stainless Steel
Item Ref: TH50-63
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Rubber Lined Stirrer Shaft 2000Mm Long
Mild Steel Rubber Lined Shaft 38mm Dia X 2000mm Long With 2 Off Three Bladed Paddles With 400mm Swept Dia The Second Paddle Mounted 800mm From The Base Paddle With 25mm Dia X 70mm Machined End To Suit A Coupling With 140mm Plan Shaft To Suit Mixer Housing.
Item Ref: GP55RL-63
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35Mm Dia S/S Sawtooth Dispersion Blade
Item Ref: TH33-63
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S/S Turbine Paddle Boss 32Mm
Stainless Steel Up To32mm Dia Nominal Bore
Item Ref: TB32BOSS-63
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S/S Turbine Paddle Boss 25Mm
Stainless Steel Up To 25mm Dia Nominal Bore
Item Ref: TB25BOSS-63
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R&B Duplex S/S Side Bars 4 Off
Stainless Steel Standard Length 760mm
Item Ref: EH753DH-63-4
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