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200Mm Dia S/S Centripetal Propeller
Stainless Steel Two Bladed
Item Ref: DMM200-63-2
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150Mm Dia S/S Centripetal Propeller
Stainless Steel Two Bladed
Item Ref: DMM150-63-2
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150Mm Dia S/S Centripetal Propeller
Stainless Steel Three Bladed
Item Ref: DMM150-63-3
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S/S Hinged Ptfe Scraper
Stainless Steel Mount And Hinge With Ptfe Scrapers Standard Scraper Length 150mm
Item Ref: GP075-63-SC
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Replacement Crane Ram
Hand hydraulic
Item Ref: CMM-11585-63
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150Mm Dia S/S Sawtooth Dispersion Blade
Stainless Steel With Mount Boss
Item Ref: TH150-63
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S/S Turbine Disc 150Mm
Stainless Steel
Item Ref: TB150-63
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150Mm Dia S/S Marine Propeller
Stainless Steel 316 Grade 5/8" Dia Or 3/4" Dia Bore
Item Ref: CMM150-63
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140mm Dia S/S Twin Blade Spiral
Stainless Steel 19mm dia Shaft x 760 mm long with  140 mm xia x 180 mm tall Twin Bladed Single Positive Spiral recommended speed 200 to 500 Rpm
Item Ref: DMMS-140-63
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S/S Rotor Blade 130 Dia
Stainless Steel
Item Ref: E1153-63-11
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General Purpose Head S/S
Stainless Steel 130 mm Dia
Item Ref: E1153-63-12
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Slotted Stator Head
Stainless Steel Head 130mm Dia
Item Ref: E1153-63-13
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