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100Mm Dia S/S Marine Propeller
Stainless Steel 316 Grade With 3/4" Dia Or 5/8" Dia Bore
Item Ref: CMM100-63
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Intermediate Impeller S/S
83mm Dia
Item Ref: EV11T-12-63
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S/S Turbine Disc 80Mm
Stainless Steel
Item Ref: TB80-63
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S/S Split Bush Z-Paddle
Stainless Steel Split Bush Bolt Removable To Suit 76mm Dia Shaft Two Bladed Angle Z-Paddle Swept Diameter Up To 1800mm .
Item Ref: GP076-63
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Stainless Steel Baffle
Stainless Steel Baffle 75mm Wide X 1000mm Tall Mounted On Bolt Removable Ligs On The Side Wall Af Tank.
Item Ref: GTBB75-63
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75Mm Dia S/S Sawtooth Dispersion Blade
Stainless Steel
Item Ref: TH75-63
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Phosphor Bronze bushes 2 3/4" ID x 35/8" OD x 71/4" deep
with internal spirals
Item Ref: GP-11541-63
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Rigal Bennett Mechanical Seal
Stainless Steel Flange Mounted Cartridge Type Mechanical Seal
Item Ref: EL153-63-5
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Rigid Coupling Kit
Mild Steel Kit To Include Taper Locks Up To 60mm
Item Ref: GPCO25-63
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60Mm Dia S/S Sawtooth Dispersion Blade
Stainless Steel Blade
Item Ref: TH60-63
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S/S Turbine Paddle Boss 55Mm
Stainless Steel Up To 55mm Dia Nominal Bore
Item Ref: TB55BOSS-63
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R&B M/S Twin bearing Turret assembly

Mild steel Twin Bearing Turret assembly up to 55mm dia shaft with mount flange to suit bridge or mixer tank flange

Item Ref: GPTUR075-63
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