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0.37 Kw Variable Speed Geared Motor 43 to 287 Rpm
Item Ref: DMM-11829-63
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Perspex Safety Lid up to 600 Diameter
Perspex Safety Lid up to 600 Diameter with S/s Tri clover mount to suit stirrer

Item Ref: EV-111-63
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Stainless Steel Stand For Lab Stirrers
S/S Base 600mm X 600mm with 80 M/M Dia Vertical Stand Shaft Standard Length 1,400 M/M Tall. With Clamping Bar and Stirrer Mount.
Item Ref: LS37S-50
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Lab s/s Hydraulic Raise Lower Stand
Unit suitable for .37 - 2.2 kW motors. Standard Unit Raise lower column 1,200 mm tall  With hand hydraulic raise lower ram standard stroke 400 mm. Overall Dimensions 600 X 600 X 1400 mm Tall. [Bowl Clamps can be fitted At Extra cost, as can longer hydraulic ram stroke lengths up to 1,000 mm  at extra cost ]

Item Ref: EV11ST-11-63
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Drum Clamping Straps
Item Ref: RC647-63-DCS
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Strap Retaining Bolt
Item Ref: RC647-63-SRB
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Strap Retaining Nut
Item Ref: RC647-63-SRN
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Shaft Supporting Bearing 5/8"
Item Ref: RC647-63-SB
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Rubber Drum Drive Wheel
Item Ref: RC647-63-RDW
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Stainless Steel Shaft 3/8"
Item Ref: RC647-63-S
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S/S Sawtooth Dispersion Boss 32Mm
Stainless Steel Up To 32mm Dia Nominal Bore
Item Ref: TH32BOSS-63
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S/S Sawtooth Dispersion Boss 55Mm
Stainless Steel Up To 55mm Dia Nominal Bore
Item Ref: TH55BOSS-63
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